You should never buy a new computer if it doesn't have this

If you are going to buy a computer today, especially if it is a laptop, you are going to find that it does not have an Ethernet port . It is something increasingly common for different reasons, such as saving space, making the product cheaper or for aesthetic reasons. Now, is it a good idea to buy a PC without an Ethernet port now? In this article we are going to explain why, at least currently, it is not such a good idea depending on the case.

Buying a PC without Ethernet is not a good idea

You should never buy a new computer if it doesn't have this

To surf the Internet we can do it through cable and also through Wi-Fi . They are two different options, which have their advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, having both on paper can be the most positive thing, right? However, it is increasingly common to find laptops for sale without an Ethernet port.

Why do we say that it is not a good idea? Although it is true that wireless networks have improved a lot, in many cases they cannot be compared to connecting by cable. Think, for example, of a laptop that has Wi-Fi 5 and the speed is limited to 600-800 Mbps. If you want to hire 1 Gbps fiber optics, you will not really be able to take advantage of it. On the other hand, when you connect by cable, yes.

There is also the problem of coverage . Maybe you have your home with a good Ethernet cable installation to connect from another room. In this way, you would simply have to connect the laptop to that cable and you can have good speed. Now, because of Wi-Fi you could have limitations and have to use wireless amplifiers or PLCs that don’t always work well.

Another reason is if you want to minimize ping or latency and have good connection stability. Taking advantage of the laptop’s Ethernet port will allow you to connect without problems. If you use wireless networks, it is more common that you have cuts or failures when browsing and opening web pages.

In the future things may change

All this that we mention is taking into account how the situation is today . It is clear that in the future wireless networks will be more and more present because they will have greater capacity. In that case, once the coverage improves, the speed is really equal to the Ethernet cable, it might make sense to buy a computer without a port to connect to the Internet by cable.

The trend looking to the future is clear: less and less cables for everything. We are not only referring to Internet connections, but also when charging devices, using headphones, keyboards, mice… Everything is geared towards a reduction in cables that will facilitate the day-to-day life of users.

Therefore, as you can see today it is still not a good idea to buy a laptop without an Ethernet port. You may need it at a given time or simply to make the connection work better. However, you can always connect a PC without an Ethernet port. There are methods for it.