You may be in danger if you don’t update your mobile apps

Perhaps because you’re leaving it, because you don’t want to consume your data or because you don’t want your mobile space to run out when it’s scarce. There are many reasons why you might not be updating your mobile applications , with the risks that this entails.

This same year we have had access to a recent report from Pixalate that 30% of the Play Store and App Store applications are not updated in a period of at least 2 years , with the risk to security and privacy that this entails.

You may be in danger if you don't update your mobile apps

Although it seems to you that they are not necessary and that the only thing updates are for is to change the design, add some function or even occupy more space on your mobile, the truth is that these allow your mobile to be more secure and free of dangers.

These risks lie in wait for you

Many viruses enter your mobile because the systems are not updated, including the apps, sometimes these can present compatibility problems with others or with the new operating system when you update it. There are a large number of reasons for you to take the plunge, and I am going to tell you about the main ones. Don’t play it!

Apps or mobile may not work

If you update your operating system for security, or because the mobile asks you to, and you do not do the same with the applications, you expose yourself to the risk that they will not work because they are not compatible with the new operating system.

Móvil no funciona

It could also be that the app has stopped working in that version or that it is incompatible with other applications, something that you could solve by updating them. It could also be that an outdated app is running slower, having problems, crashing or experiencing some problem.

You have to keep in mind that app updates not only improve some functions or incorporate new features, but also correct bugs and vulnerabilities that may affect their good performance.

If this happens with many applications or it causes a serious problem, it could even make your mobile not work.

Viruses can enter

If you do not update your applications, viruses can enter your mobile since they take advantage of all the vulnerabilities that exist to find a loophole and harm you. Therefore, it is as important that you choose secure applications as that you keep them updated at all times .

Cybercriminals take advantage of bugs, failures or any opportunity they have to break into your mobile or the service accounts you use, so be careful.

saber virus móvil

It is also good that you delete the ones you no longer use so that they stop taking up unnecessary space on your mobile, thereby affecting its performance. So make a selection of the apps you want to keep using and the ones you want to remove and get to work. I recommend that you have automatic updates, although if not, do a frequent follow-up.

Not updating your apps can affect your security and privacy , since developers are constantly working to improve this aspect and combat problems that arise as they go. This is especially important in applications such as those of banking entities, cryptocurrencies and others in which you risk money or valuable information.

You will waste your time

In addition to the other inconveniences, if you don’t update the apps on your mobile you will stop receiving news that will make your life easier or improve the services you use on your mobile.

tiempo pantalla encendida movil

You will not only waste time if the application does not work as it should, but you will also do it by not receiving improvements that provide you with better usability, easier use, facilities and functions that would allow you to save time.

It is not that it is a danger, but it will affect you considerably since you cannot spend that time on other things or spend more time than necessary on your mobile.