You don't need a photo editor, WinZip offers you this

Generally we install different programs on our computer that provide us with certain ways of working. In this way we opt for photo editors, video players, browsers, antivirus, file compressors and much more. But we must also bear in mind some suites that offer us various modes of operation in a single title, as is the case with WinZip .

It is more than likely that this program that we have just mentioned has been familiar to most of you for a long time. For years this is a software that has become known and has been characterized by the compression functions that it offers us. This allows us, in certain circumstances, to save a good amount of space on the hard drive. Also, if we want to share large amounts of files and folders, this software makes it easy for us.

You don't need a photo editor, WinZip offers you this

But thanks to the popularity gained over time, its developers decided to go one step further. That is why at this moment we can enjoy some editions corresponding to the WinZip suites that offer us a multitude of additional tasks. All this opens up a wide range of possibilities when it comes to storing in the cloud , improving team productivity , working with files in PDF format, or even editing photos.

It is true that we cannot compare the functions that we usually find in a specific editor, with those available in WinZip for these tasks. But it’s also true that most users don’t need programs like GIMP or Adobe Photoshop to do their own photo editing. Precisely for this reason, the functions offered by the WinZip suite can help us in these tasks.

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Photo editing features available in WinZip

We must bear in mind that on many occasions we retouch or edit our photos before compressing them and sharing them with others. The same happens if we are going to store our library of these contents as a backup. This is why it never hurts to be able to carry out basic editing tasks from the compressor itself. A clear example of all this is the possibility that this suite offers us to add watermarks to our images .

This will allow us to mark them and prevent others from taking advantage of their authorship if we plan to share these files with others through a compressed file. In addition, and how could it be otherwise, here we will have some basic functions in image editing. We refer to the possibility of rotating or resizing them , even in batches . And that’s not all, but we can also convert our photos to other formats . For example, this will help us a lot when it comes to further reducing the size of all this information before adding it to a compressed file. In addition, from here we can digitize these contents for later editing and compression.

On the other hand, and without leaving WinZip, we will also have the possibility to organize our library of images and upload them to the cloud for storage. It is interesting to know that the two most advanced editions of the compressor offer us up to 50 gigabytes of disk space on their servers for these tasks.