You can now buy TinyNES, a miniature NES that works like the original Nintendo

The TinyNES first came to light in 2018. It is a miniature clone of the original Nintendo Entertainment System. Three years later, a copy can finally be reserved.

Surely one of the star gifts of this Christmas has been the games and accessories for Nintendo Switch, without a doubt, a video console that has been very successful since its launch. Now we hear the news that we can now buy a TinyNES, something long awaited by Nintendo lovers since it was first revealed in 2018.

You can now buy TinyNES

Three ways to create a clone

If we want to play retro games, there are three ways to create a clone of the console. You can choose an emulation path where enough power is available to process the software emulation on a device and play digital ROM files without slowing down, dropped frames, or sync issues with the audio.

There is also the FPGA path that companies like Analogue use for devices like Pocket and Analogue Nt, in which there is a custom chip that is programmed to behave exactly like the original console hardware, which is a guarantee that games will work exactly as they did decades ago.

Finally, there is the route chosen by TinyNES which consists of reducing the size of the console to the essentials using the same chips that powered the original Nintendo hardware, which is a guarantee of perfect compatibility .


TinyNES features

It includes a cartridge slot on the top and two classic NES controller ports on the front compatible with original gamepads . However, it does not make any upscaling and does not include an HDMI port for easy connections to a Smart TV. On the back we will only find a mono audio RCA connector and an NTSC composite RCA connector.

The TinyNES features “the same CPU and imaging unit used by the original NES hardware (RP2A03 and RP2C02 chips), but with the rest of the internal components updated and without region-locking chips, that is, cartridges and games. from all over the world you can play in it ”.

How to buy a TinyNES

We can currently get a TinyNES by placing an order through the crowdfunding site Crowd Supply , which has already exceeded the funding goal of $ 20,000. Orders are expected to begin shipping from May this year , although the pandemic and the supply of some components remain a problem for their development.

You still have time to reserve a TinyNES, since the crowfunding will end in 20 days . The order consists of a TinyNES system, which includes a TinyNES console (with RP2A03 and RP2C02 chips), a wall power adapter, a power cord and a dual RCA cable, the controller being sold separately.