Xiaomi’s 2024 Bestsellers: Top 5 Smartphones for Every Budget

Xiaomi continues to redefine the smartphone market in 2024 with its commitment to offering high-quality devices that cater to all price ranges. From the most budget-friendly options to high-end powerhouses, Xiaomi’s diverse lineup ensures there’s a perfect match for every type of user.

After thorough testing and comparison, here are the top 5 Xiaomi models that stand out for their remarkable features and unbeatable value.

5 xiaomo phones

1. Redmi A3: The Budget King

Starting at just 80 euros, the Redmi A3 is the go-to choice for users seeking basic functionality without breaking the bank. Its standout features include an elegant design with premium-looking straight edges, a 90Hz HD+ display for smooth visuals, and a battery life exceeding 24 hours. While it might not boast the highest performance, its clean Android 14 interface free from bloatware makes it a solid choice for everyday use.

2. Redmi Note 13: The Value Champion

Priced around 150 euros, the Redmi Note 13 quickly became a best-seller thanks to its exceptional value. It sports a 120Hz AMOLED screen and a 108MP main camera, delivering stunning image quality and detailed photos perfect for capturing memories. This device is a testament to Xiaomi’s ability to balance cost and quality, making it a top recommendation.

3. POCO X6 Pro: Power Meets Style

For those prioritizing performance and aesthetics, the POCO X6 Pro, especially in its eye-catching yellow vegan leather finish, is an excellent pick starting from 280 euros. Powered by the Dimensity 8300 Ultra processor, it handles apps and games with ease. Features like a 1.5K display, 67W fast charging, Dolby Vision, and Dolby Atmos support, coupled with HyperOS, make it a compelling choice for tech enthusiasts.

4. Xiaomi 13T: Affordable Premium Experience

The Xiaomi 13T, starting at 400 euros, brings high-end features within a more accessible price range. Its collaboration with Leica ensures top-notch photographic capabilities, offering professional controls and exceptional quality. The device boasts vivid colors, high brightness, and a telephoto lens for enhanced detail in photos, appealing to users seeking premium features without the premium price.

5. Xiaomi 13: Compact Powerhouse

Last year’s flagship, the Xiaomi 13, now offers incredible value for those demanding high performance in a compact form. Priced attractively for its specs, this model features a sleek design, a powerful processor, and Leica-enhanced photography, all within a comfortable 6.36-inch screen size. Its efficient battery life and charging options add to its appeal, making it a top choice for users who prefer smaller devices without compromising on features.


Xiaomi’s 2024 lineup proves that the brand remains dedicated to providing users with a wide range of options, from affordable entry-level models to sophisticated flagships. Each of these top 5 picks excels in its category, offering something special for different needs and preferences. Whether you’re after a budget-friendly device or a compact flagship, Xiaomi’s diverse offerings ensure you won’t have to look far to find a smartphone that fits your requirements perfectly.