Xiaomi Surprises with a Smart Oven that You Control from Your Mobile

The Asian manufacturer has become a benchmark when it comes to buying the most diverse products. We can buy smart speakers, very light laptops to work wherever you want, smartwatches of all kinds … And now Xiaomi has surprised us with an oven that you control with your mobile.

As we told you, the variety of products available in the Xiaomi catalog is very wide, and now a WiFi microwave oven is added that will surprise you with the possibilities it offers. Undoubtedly, a product that should not be missing in any smart kitchen worth its salt, since it has all kinds of options to get the most out of it.

Xiaomi Surprises with a Smart Oven

Say that this model has been presented directly on Xiaomi’s crowdfunding platform. A portal where the firm puts many of its news so that users can buy them before they go on sale at a slightly more restrained price. And we already anticipate that this intelligent oven is going to sweep Youpin .

A large capacity oven

To begin with, it should be noted that this is a fairly compact model, so you can place it in any kitchen without major problems. And beware, despite its size, this Xiaomi smart oven boasts a capacity of 30 liters , so you can cook for a family of four without problem.

The firm gives as an example its ability to cook a roast chicken without problem, so you should not worry about the amount of food it can prepare. On the other hand, and continuing with its aesthetic section, this model boasts brushed aluminum finishes to show off a design that will be the center of all your visits.

Especially for its 5-inch touch screen , an element that will allow you to configure all the parameters of this Xiaomi WiFi microwave oven. It is also important to note that you will be able to adjust the temperature, see the inside of the oven without opening the door, since it incorporates a camera inside, select the type and cooking time … Come on, what options are you not going to miss at all.

Control this Xiaomi oven from your mobile

aplicación horno Xiaomi

In addition, if you take into account that this oven boasts high-power metal tubes so that its 1600 W are capable of raising the temperature to 200 degrees in just three and a half minutes , it is clear that it is a tall product. And beware, its PID temperature control will take care of maintaining the exact temperature at all times.

The icing on the cake is its grill mode so that you can grill all kinds of food, as well as combining it with the oven function for 15 seconds to give your recipes a particularly juicy point. Not enough for you? Well, you know that you can control everything from your mobile through its official application.

In this way, you will not only be able to control every last parameter of this smart oven, but you will also be able to see the inner camera to see how your recipe is cooking. Undoubtedly, a high- end product that has just landed in China at a price of about 102 euros at the exchange rate to be the new best-seller of the firm.