Xiaomi Solar Charger, Ideal for Travelers: Capacity and Characteristics

Xiaomi does not want you to run out of battery in your smartphone or in any of the other gadgets of your day to day, such as headphones for example. That is why, in addition to its external batteries, through its Youpin store it also now sells a plate or solar charger that you can always carry in your backpack.

Xiaomi’s portable solar charger

Xiaomi Solar Charger, Ideal for Travelers

At this point everyone, or the vast majority, know the Xiaomi Youpin store. Through it we find almost every day with new and interesting products. Perhaps not all, it is true, but a great majority do. And it is that along with that touch of design so particular to the brand and the other companies that work together with them, there are also very useful devices for day-to-day life.

In this case, what you see in images is neither more nor less than a portable solar charger made by the company YEUX that Xiaomi sells on Youpin. And it could be one more accessory of this type if it were not for some extra details that make it something striking to carry in almost any backpack. Because knowing that you will never run out of battery in your gadgets is very striking.

With a folding design, this plate has dimensions of 47 x 30 cm that when you want to store it inside the backpack would only take about 30 x 16 cm and its thickness would not exceed 2 cm. That possibility of folding is the first thing that attracts attention, because it facilitates its transport, but it does not sacrifice surface for when you must do your job: capture light for energy.

Regarding solar panels, these offer a system made of monocrystalline silicon with a high sensitivity that would improve the performance of other traditional options. If you also add that it has protection in the rain, you not only guarantee that nothing will happen to it if it gets wet, but also that you can continue to use its advantages despite being outdoors in a rainy day.

The charger follows the usual scheme of this type of products and the energy it generates is stored in a 6.4000 mAh battery , which you could also charge at home by connecting it directly to the wall socket to have it ready when you go out. When you need to charge other gadgets, it offers two USB A connections of 5V and 3A each plus another USB C that is capable of offering a charge of up to 15 W.

By the way, another interesting detail is that it includes an indicator of the remaining battery level and another small LED that with three colors (red, orange and green) indicates what the intensity level of the solar charge is. So you have information about whether or not you are taking advantage of the light it captures.

Xiaomi solar charger price

As you can see and imagine, this Xiaomi solar charger is interesting for almost everyone, but especially for those users who spend a lot of time away from home and outdoors. Because external batteries are very cheap, but if you go two or three days camping or hiking, recharging these batteries is not easy.

Therefore, it is one of those practical and useful products that could become an essential in your backpack, with which to charge your phone, headphones and even the Nintendo Switch. And it is not so expensive, it costs 44 euros to change.