Xiaomi Smart Band 8 Pro, what we know

The recent release of the Xiaomi Band 8 may have left you wondering whether a Pro model will be launched soon, especially if you’re considering purchasing one. Perhaps you’re simply curious about its features or if there are any plans for a Pro model.

The Xiaomi Smart Band 8 hit the market last month and boasts a range of new functions, along with the ability to be worn in different ways, including around the neck and on shoes. However, there have been no rumors or confirmation about a Pro model yet. Despite this, the Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro was well-received in the market despite its higher price, and has piqued the interest of many, including ourselves.


It remains to be seen whether the brand will launch a new Xiaomi Smart Band 8 Pro, introduce other Pro models, or skip a generation entirely. The answer is not straightforward and although a Pro model seems likely, the brand has not provided any confirmation. For now, the future of the Xiaomi Smart Band 8 Pro remains uncertain.

This is what we know so far

It is important to note that it has only been three months since the release of the Smart Band 7 Pro in 2022, so Xiaomi may still surprise us. During that time, there was great anticipation for a more advanced smart bracelet from the brand, and rumors were rampant. However, it is also true that the Smart Band 7 Pro was the company’s first model of this kind, which generated a lot of interest. It is unclear whether the lack of rumors regarding the arrival of a Smart Band 8 Pro is due to it being taken for granted or because it is not expected at all.

smart band 7 and smart band 7 pro

The latest Xiaomi Smart Band 8 boasts a slightly bigger screen than its predecessor, measuring 1.62 inches and featuring a 60 Hz refresh rate, which is only slightly smaller than the Smart Band 7 Pro. It maintains its familiar round design and offers more sports modes, new watch faces, and a longer battery life. If a new Pro model is released, it’s expected to feature improved sensors, innovative functions, and potentially new ways of wearing it like the basic model, such as around the neck or on shoes. While the price of the rumored Pro model is unknown, it’s unlikely to be significantly higher than its predecessor.

However, there’s no indication that Xiaomi is actively working on a Smart Band 8 Pro, and the current model already offers an impressive set of features that may make a Pro model unnecessary for now. Moreover, the lack of rumors about the Pro model suggests that it may not even exist. Given that consumers may be reluctant to pay a premium for the Pro version when they can purchase the basic model at a lower price, Xiaomi may opt to wait before releasing a new Pro model.

xiaomi smart band 7 pro screen

It is possible that Xiaomi may surprise us with something unexpected and sway our decision towards this new smart bracelet from the brand. The improvements and new functions, including GPS and a larger screen, make a strong case for the need of this new Pro model. Users who require the best features will likely choose this new model over its predecessor. However, there may be additional features that you would like to see in a new bracelet from the brand, which could potentially be included in a future model later this year.

While a new Xiaomi Smart Band 8 Pro may exist, we cannot be certain until the brand confirms its existence or we have more information about this uncertain future. What are your thoughts? Do you believe it will ultimately be released or not?