Xiaomi Mobile: Which Apps that Consume the Most Mobile Data

The mobile data on our phones is finite, for that reason we are always aware that they are not exhausted at the most inopportune moment. In the case of Xiaomi mobiles we can see which apps are the ones that have consumed the most mobile data and Wi-Fi in recent days, thanks to this MIUI adjustment.

It never hurts to know which apps are consuming the most data on our Xiaomi phones , because like battery consumption, this data can give us clues about whether an app is consuming more than necessary, and whether it is the most ideal to take measures to reduce that consumption.

xiaomi mobile data

Access data consumption in MIUI

Xiaomi’s software layer allows us to know in detail what is the data consumption of the main applications installed on the phone. For this we must enter the phone settings in the section dedicated to mobile data consumption , where you can also consult the consumption data through Wi-Fi connectivity . The steps that we must follow to be able to consult these data are the following:

  • Enter the MIUI settings
  • Select “data usage”
  • Choose time interval
  • Select type of data consumption

Within this section we can see all the apps that have consumed data in the selected period. In this way we can choose to see the data consumption accumulated today, yesterday, during the last month or so far this month . In this way, the apps are ordered from more to less consumption during that time interval. Also in the upper right part of the screen we have an additional icon in which if we click we will be able to choose the type of data consumption based on which the list has been made.

datos móviles Xiaomi

By pressing we can choose whether to display the apps with the most mobile data consumption or the ones that have consumed the most data through Wi-Fi connectivity . In this way, we can also detect unusual behaviors in different apps installed on the phone. We will be able to check if an app has had a consumption above the average, both in data and Wi-Fi. And from there investigate the reason for this high consumption.

datos móviles Xiaomi

And it is something that not only helps us consume less mobile data, but can also reveal an anomalous situation in the installed apps. Because a high traffic of mobile data or Wifi may hide the operation of some malware in certain apps . Therefore, it is a really useful tool to keep consumption at bay and to be alert so that the operation of certain apps is not fraudulent.