Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6: First Details and Image

It was time to talk about the next Xiaomi smart bracelet again . One of the most successful products of the manufacturer would be preparing the launch of the new version if we take into account the latest images that have been leaked. As you can see, it will have a design very similar to the current Mi Band 5, however, it will include new functions, many of them being some of the most anticipated by users.

What will the Mi Smart Band 6 offer?

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6

The first thing that stands out is that the new bracelet will be very similar to the Mi Smart Band 5, something that fits us, since the incorporation of that larger screen in the previous generation could perfectly be repeated in the new model. We do not expect anything special in that sense and that is what it seems we will see.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 CE

The interesting thing comes inside, and it is that now it would have an SpO2 sensor . There has been a lot of talk about the oxygen saturation sensor, but considering the number of products that currently offer it on the market, if Xiaomi did not include it in its new bracelet it would be a big negative point at this point.

Other additions that also sound and that are very reminiscent of what was heard a long time ago, is that the Mi Smart Band 6 would have the Alexa smart assistant, a function that we still have trouble seeing, but taking into account that the Mi Band 5 It already had variants in some countries with the Amazon assistant, now we should receive it once and for all.

And as always, two models

Xiaomi Mi band 5

As expected, the rumors also speak of the classic versions with NFC and without NFC , a differentiation that at this point seems unnecessary, since we understand that it should include NFC by default to boost mobile payments. Xiaomi may need to continue launching these two models due to licensing and permitting issues, so we’ll see what finally happens. What has been almost confirmed (by the filtered image) is that it will also have a magnetic charging system similar to that of the Mi Smart Band 5.

Will it be the final one?

Xiaomi Mi band 5

It is important to take all these rumors with caution, since they almost all repeat themselves from that time in which the leaks appeared with the Mi Band 5. In the end, the current Xiaomi bracelet was left without an oxygen saturation sensor and without Alexa (at least in Spain), so all these details should continue to be taken in stride.

The good news is that the images have appeared in a declaration of conformity document of the European Union, so the manufacturer would be going through the usual procedures to bring its product to market. Of course, the certification has been passed by Huami, who as we know, is in charge of manufacturing the bracelets for Xiaomi for some time and until the next three years thanks to the agreement they recently signed.