Xiaomi Mi Band 5: Bigger Screen and with NFC

Without eating it or drinking it, we are already at the same distance from the launch of the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 than from the possible presentation of the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 . The current bracelet of the brand was launched in China the second week of June, just over 6 months ago and it is likely that this year the official launch of its successor will be advanced.

So far we knew little about it because the few references we found to it on the Web spoke about its development and commercialization by 2020 and the wishes of the experts of the technological community for this new device.

Mi Band 5 concepto

We ourselves, less than a month ago, expressed our wishes to bring the new Xiaomi smartband to life. Among what we asked the Chinese brand was, first of all, that the Mi Band 5 arrives with NFC in Europe. This technology is more developed in China, where the Mi Band 4 has a version with this technology that is used to pay in stores but it seems that this year the global version of the bracelet will also have this essential connectivity technology.

First features of the Xiaomi Mi Band 5

Xiaomi is advancing the development of the Mi Band 5 and the Tizen Help media has just revealed some of the main novelties of the bracelet based on sources close to its production.

As it was rumored for a few months, the next brand bracelet will support NFC connectivity outside of China. This opens the door so that Google Pay and other payment services can be used with the smartband to make our payments without using the card or mobile.


It also seems that this year Xiaomi will increase the size of the touch screen to 1.2 inches . Recall that the Mi Band keeps the same inches as the Mi Band 3 but incorporates a pen the full color. Even larger, it is claimed that the sphere will be lighter and will have a higher level of contrast to improve visibility in broad daylight. Of course, it will be a full color AMOLED screen again.

At the moment we have neither date of presentation nor confirmation of these characteristics but it is to be imagined that Xiaomi will bring to Spain its Xiaomi Mi Band 5 in the second half of the year, just a few days after its presentation in China. As for its price, it is expected to remain at current levels, between 35 and 40 euros.