Xiaomi Mi Band 4: Solution to Problems with Vibration

mi-band-4-vibrationThe Xiaomi Mi Band 4 can be with us days and days without going through the charger. If we have activated the notifications and the vibration of the bracelet, we can be informed to the second of what happens in our mobile without having to take it out of the pocket. But sometimes, the vibration of the Mi Band 4 does not work as it should . Why does this happen?

One of the main functions of the Xiaomi MI Band 4, is that while controlling our physical activity, it can be synchronized with our smartphone to show us the most important notifications such as incoming calls, text messages or WhatsApp notifications. A slight vibration will make us alert to anything relevant that happens on our mobile.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4

And why doesn’t it vibrate?

The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 requires the settings of several parameters so that MIUI knows what to do with the Mi Band 4 and the Mi Fit application linked to it. If any of these settings is not activated, the bracelet may not vibrate or only vibrate on certain occasions . To do this, the Mi Fit application must constantly run in the background and have its startup enabled when we boot the system.

Auto Start Program

From the application settings menu, we must select My Fit to start with the system. This will prevent us from having to open the app constantly. In this way the vibration and notifications will reach us all the time and without interruptions.

mi fit ajustes

Background setting

Likewise, we must check the option “Unrestricted” in the application settings, within the background settings. This will prevent the system from closing the app to save energy when the level is low. This is one of the main problems for which the Mi Band 4 stops vibrating. Once the option is checked, the bracelet will vibrate whenever you receive a notification or call.

Activate alerts

Also, within the Mi Fit application we must activate alerts for incoming calls and messages or notifications. If the option is not checked, the bracelet will not vibrate when this type of information is not entered. Similarly, Bluetooth must be connected at all times, as it is the only way to exchange information between the Mi Band 4 and our mobile.

mi fit ajustes

If it does not work

If after having set it all the bracelet still does not vibrate, many users have reported that the simple act of detaching the bracelet from the phone and linking it can work again.

To do this we have to go to the Mi Fit application and select the profile icon at the top. Then click on Mi Band 4 to access the bracelet settings. In the lower options we will see “Unlink” that we must press. Once done we restart our mobile, turn off the bracelet and we will perform the initial linking process we did in its day. This should fix the vibration problem.