Xiaomi launches a cheap and portable photo printer

Now that smartphones have become the camera of the vast majority of saurus, we always talk about those who do not have professional objectives, it is not a bad idea to have a printer that allows you to take advantage of the images you have. An example is the new one offered by Xiaomi , which is portable and integrates wireless options.

One of the first things that attract the attention of this product is that its finish is quite interesting, since it offers a resistant manufacturing material (polycarbonate) and its lines are very squared, so it fits perfectly in different places, such as The trunk of a car.

In addition, Xiaomi has thought about the portability of this product, which weighs 1.4 kilos and has dimensions of 124.6 x 205 x 85.4 mm, since among other things it offers protection against water -and footprints- and its Components are certified against oxidation, which is quite positive.


The control of the new accessory of the Asian company is carried out in several ways. For starters, it offers WiFi connectivity, which allows wireless access to be possible and, this, is vital in mobility conditions.

To help send the photos so that everything fits and proper settings are established, an application compatible with iOS and Android is offered. In addition, some physical buttons are included in the printer, such as the power button and the wireless connectivity disconnect itself (for the use of cables, there is a USB Type-C port that also allows you to refill your 2,300 mAh battery and that offers an autonomy above 100 copies with standard quality).

Printing options on this Xiaomi product

Here are several details to highlight, such as that the resolution offered by this device is 300 x 300 dpi (in sheets that have maximum dimensions of 100 x 148 millimeters). The polarized printing technology that it uses allows the use of colors to be able to represent augmented reality (AR) images using a special module that is included in the printer. An additional detail: the speed offered by this new Xiaomi model is quite good, since it is possible to obtain a complete photo in just 59 seconds .

With a simple disassembly and change of consumables system, which are proprietary but economical as I have communicated (below 5 euros each item), this printer offers a wide compatibility in the image formats it supports and allows technology to be used AirPrint apr that wireless use is as efficient as possible.

There is no lack of information LEDs , which is always a good detail to ensure that its status is known, it offers a wide representation of colors (1,670) with up to 256 levels of change allowing it to be compatible with Xrite PANTONE .

Accesorio impresora portátil Xiaomi

Availability and price of this new printer

From today it is possible to get this new product from Xiaomi on your Youpin website , with a restricted deployment to China at the moment (so you have to resort to importation). In what has to do with the price, what you have to pay to get this accessory are 699 yuan, which in turn remains at about 90 euros , which is really low for what it offers.