Xbox eats up PlayStation in the cloud gaming market

Amazon, NVIDIA, Microsoft or Sony are betting heavily on the cloud gaming market as they are convinced that, as has happened with practically all the platforms that have proliferated over the last decade, cloud technologies will They will rule everything. So everyone is taking positions to find themselves in the best possible place when the market really explodes.

Xbox gets big news

Xbox eats up PlayStation in the cloud gaming market

We all remember what happened last January when Stadia, Google’s commitment to cloud gaming, closed due to its lack of success and support from users. Now, just a few days later, some data has emerged that not only explains that decision by those from Mountain View, but also highlights the battle that both Microsoft and Sony are waging and that, to this day, is ending with a clear winner.

Thus , Microsoft is clearly taking the lead and is commanding the cloud gaming market thanks to a service that is often criticized by its haters : Xbox Game Pass. The subscription that has dozens of free games is the only one that also allows us to take advantage of Xbox Cloud Gaming and enjoy many of these releases in streaming format, which offers us the possibility of playing them on the screen of a computer, a tablet, a mobile and, depending on which brands, also on a Smart TV.

In total, the market that Microsoft has has gone from between 20 and 30% of the total in 2021 to a range that goes from 60 to 70% in 2022. In other words, it has practically doubled its volume in just 12 months, leaving the other competitors quite distant.

And how is Sony doing?

The Japanese, who have cloud gaming as an extra to their new PlayStation Plus released in June 2022, have seen their market figures drop, unlike what has happened with Microsoft. Thus, Sony had between 30 and 40% of the total game in the cloud in 2021, while in 2022 that percentage was reduced to an insufficient 10-20%.

This clearly marks the path of the entire sector, in which Microsoft seems to be taking everything in a progressive and unstoppable way, something that does not happen in the traditional console market where Sony is clearly winning the battle of consoles sold. Although you never know, the same thing that cloud gaming serves as a spearhead for North Americans to enter the homes of many sonyers who, if not for the present generation, then for the next, could consider a change of side.

Far from Microsoft and Sony, only Amazon and NVIDIA remain, which in 2022 each obtained a market share of between 0 and 5% for the first (thanks to Luna), and between 10 and 20% for the second (by GeForce NOW). !). Stadia, for its part, went from between 5 and 10% in 2021 to between 0 and 5% in 2022. So at Google they were clear…