Xbox Controller Aqua Shift, the Blue Controller with Grips

Xbox Controller Aqua Shift, the Blue Controller with Grips

Microsoft has introduced the new Aqua Shift , the new color that enters the list of controllers for special edition Xbox that attracts attention with a fantastic iridescent blue color that immediately catches the eye. But in addition to the striking color, the controller has a couple of details that could mark a new generation of controls from now on.

New Aqua Shift Wireless Controller for Xbox

Xbox Aqua Shift Mando

The new special edition of the Xbox Wireless Controller is a brilliant blue that will change hue as light hits it from one side or the other. This controller expands the Xbox controller collection, and unsurprisingly includes the new textured triggers, hybrid crossover, and share button that were released with the launch of the new Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles.

Anyway, beyond the blue color that will look great in more than one setup with neons and lights, the new controller has decided to include a small change that many players will surely appreciate, since a priori it improves grip and the gaming experience. after many hours in front of the console.

New gummy grips

Xbox Aqua Shift Mando

The incorporation comes in the form of a rubberized grip located in the rear area of the grips, some additions that we could see previously in the Elite Controllers and that finally reach a standard control. It is an element that is especially appreciated when the hands sweat in moments of tension, so it will help a lot in the grip during long sessions.

At the moment it is unknown if this new element will be included in the next versions of the controller, so for now we find it with a blue swirl design that gives another distinctive touch to this peculiar controller.

The rest of the controller looks exactly the same as the ones we have seen so far, offering Xbox wireless connectivity and also Bluetooth with which to use the peripheral on PCs, mobiles and any other device that accepts wireless controllers. If you like it, you can reserve it from now on in the official Xbox store for 64.99 euros.

Will we see more special edition controllers?

Xbox Aqua Shift Mando

In recent weeks Microsoft has been introducing more than one new driver. Previously we could see the new special edition based on Space Jam, which came accompanied by a very striking design with the colors of the film.

Mando Xbox Space Jam

For those who are still undecided, the Xbox Design Lab is also back, the service that allows players to design their own controller, being able to choose colors for almost all parts and parts of the controller, thus giving life to a completely personal design that hardly anyone more could have. The price of these custom controls is 69.99 euros, an amount that is not at all bad if we take into account that special editions usually cost 64.99 euros. And yes, we too would stay with all of them and decorate an entire wall with all of them.