The world’s thinnest low profile mechanical keyboard

The mechanical keyboard is back, and luckily, some manufacturers have found that there are more people interested in purchasing one than just gamers. Some brands have already launched into producing sleek and compact mechanical keyboards . This is the case with Vissles, who have already prepared a low-profile keyboard that is love at first sight.

The world’s thinnest mechanical keyboard

world's thinnest low profile mechanical keyboard

When we hear “mechanical keyboard”, we usually come to mind a heavy hulk of keys with many lights and a design of the most tacky in the world. For years it has been really difficult to find a sober and elegant mechanical keyboard . One capable of convincing the owner of an Apple Keyboard to put it in the drawer, for example. Luckily, brands like Keychron or Vissles are working on solutions of this type.

The latest proposal Vissles has made on their Kickstarter is the LP85, an ultralight keyboard with optical switches and a 75% key layout. They asked for $ 12,000 to be able to finance the production and… they have raised ten times more money. And the funny thing is that there are still two weeks left for crowdfunding to close .

Switches, keys and technology

The Vissles LP85 wants to be the most compact and lightest mechanical keyboard on the market. To do this, it makes use of optical mechanical switches , called N-key, which make use of light to register the pulsation instead of metal parts. Combined with such slim key caps , you get a low-profile keyboard that also has a clicky sound . This means that it is ideal both for writing for hours, and for playing video games, since the sound of the pulsation will serve as feedback .

The keys have a very short travel, just 1.2 millimeters. They need an actuation force of 50 grams. Its response time is really fast: 0.2 milliseconds.

Design and build

The entire frame of this keyboard is made of high-quality aluminum . It has a total of 85 keys made of ABS plastic and resistant to fingerprints. They have RGB backlighting that we can configure up to 19 different modes. It is only 1 2 millimeters high , a little taller than the Apple Keyboard, which makes us appreciate the great work underneath this keyboard. In addition to being slim and compact, it is lightweight. The Vissles LP85 weighs just 547 grams .

The keyboard is being offered on Kickstarter with both white and black keys, so the colors are expected to stick when it finally goes on sale.


Regarding connectivity, you can use both wireless and USB-C cable (which is also included in the box). Its distribution at the moment is ANSI only , but it has versions for both macOS and Windows. It is also possible to pair up to 3 devices simultaneously thanks to Bluetooth 5.0 technology . We can switch between one computer and another simply by pressing a key.

Price and availability

The Vissles LP85 still has units available on Kickstarter , and they ship worldwide. This ultra-low-profile keyboard is expected to hit general sale in 2022. Both the Mac model and the Windows version are selling on the platform for $ 99 , which we think is a really attractive price considering the features. premium that the keyboard has. Its price will probably increase when it reaches the general public.

We do not know if there will be an ISO version of this keyboard, but if you are interested, we suggest you give the manufacturer a bit of cane through social networks so that they are encouraged to open up to the European market, since the product is worth it.