Edit Videos in 4K and Add Effects with Wondershare Filmora

The concept of “editing videos” usually generates some fear on the part of inexperienced users in multimedia editing. This is because, often, this task is associated with professional programs, such as Adobe Premiere or Vegas, feature-packed programs, very complicated to use and, in addition, expensive. However, there are also much simpler video editing programs ideal for non-professional users who want something fast, easy and, in addition, high quality. And this is what Wondershare Filmora offers us.

The disappearance of Windows Movie Maker was a very hard blow for users without too much knowledge that they need a simple video editor. Luckily, several developers have worked to launch alternatives as simple and powerful as the Microsoft video editor. Thus, we can find simple free video editors on the network, such as MiniTool MovieMaker , or more powerful options such as Filmora.


Filmora Features

Filmora wants to position itself in the market of video editors as a simple and fast editor specially designed for those users who want to be YouTubes or need to edit videos for personal use without complications.

This video editor offers us a series of standard tools for editing videos. For example, we can rotate, merge, cut and divide any video clip with just a few clicks. In addition, we can also add texts to our videos, access a complete music library and apply all kinds of filters, effects and transitions.

Editar vídeos Filmora9

We will also find a lot of features, such as Chroma Key, a function that allows us to change the background and apply special effects, an audio mixer, apply panoramic effects and zoom, adjust the color of the video, equalize the audio and even apply 3D Lut settings.

Filmora9 vs FilmoraPro

Filmora’s video editor is mainly divided into two.

On the one hand we have Filmora9, a simple video editor designed for home users, without much prior knowledge, who want to edit videos for personal use or to upload to YouTube.

The strengths of Filmora9 are:

  • Easy to use.
  • Support for drag & drop.
  • A large collection of presets and movements.
  • Music library and sound effects.
  • Video effects.

Editar vídeos Filmora9

The price of Filmora9 is 59.99 euros, for a perpetual license. We can also buy an annual plan subscription for $ 39.99 per year. In order to use Filmora9 we need an operating system like Windows 7, or higher, or macOS 10.11 onwards.

On the other hand, FilmoraPro is a much more complete and powerful edition of this video editor. This edition is intended for professional users, with a high level of knowledge, who needs to give a professional finish to their videos. Ideal for users who want to devote more time to editing and have more freedom about the program.

FilmoraPro’s strengths are:

  • Advanced editing mode
  • Detailed color correction functions.
  • Keyframing
  • Audio compressor to give more consistency to the video.
  • Possibility to customize the effects.


The price of FilmoraPro is 149.99 euros, for a lifetime license. If we want, we can purchase the program through its subscription model for a price of 89.99 euros per year. In order to use FilmoraPro we need an operating system such as Windows 8 or Windows 10, or macOS 10.13 onwards.

Download Filmora for free

If we are interested in using Filmora, we can download this video editor for free from the following link . We can use Filmora without paying for the program, and all functions will be available from the start. Of course, all videos will have a watermark, which we can only remove if we pay.

Precios y planes Filmora

And in addition, Wondershare gives us access to the Standard Filmstock Library, a library full of effects and resources for our videos, which we can access for free through the Plus Plan subscription model.

The FilmoraPro edition also has a free version, with all functions unlocked but with watermarks when exporting videos.