12 at night and without ink, how can you print something urgent?

When the printer sends us messages informing us that it is running out of black or color ink, depending on the use we make of it (regular or sporadic), we can quickly go buy a replacement or wait until we can no longer print to replace the color what do we need. But what about we need to print something urgent and the shops are closed?

All is not lost, unless the printer only allows us to print in black and white. If so, and we do not have black ink left, we do not need to continue reading, since there is no method, trick or miracle that allows us to print the document. The only solution to this problem is to send the document in PDF format as long as that option is available.

how can you print something urgent

Domestic color printers, depending on the manufacturer, can use 2 or 4 cartridges . On the one hand, we find HP printers that use a color cartridge and a black and white cartridge. The manufacturer Epson uses 4 cartridges: black, yellow, cyan and magenta.

With the colors yellow, cyan and magenta, we can generate the rest of the colors like blue, green and red. But, in addition, we can also generate the black color, so, initially, we could print in black as long as we make a series of adjustments in the document and/or in the printer on the printer.

Lightly tap the cartridge

Before trying the different options that we can use when we need to print an urgent document, we must try a trick that sometimes works, as long as the document that we are going to print is not very long.

The only thing we have to do is lightly tap the cartridge with the head downwards, to push the rest of the ink that may remain inside towards the head and, so that the printer can use the little ink it has left to print the document.

Remove the black ink cartridge

When the cartridge is exhausted, the printer will continuously send us messages inviting us to replace the cartridge without giving us the option to print using the other cartridges. If we remove it from the printer, it will detect that a cartridge is missing, but it will allow us to print using color ink , in most cases.

Black can be generated through the colors cyan, magenta and yellow (colors included in the color cartridges independently or together), so if we have enough ink of these colors, initially, after extracting the color cartridge, the printer should give us the option to print in black, although this is not always the case.

Change the color of the text

If none of the methods that we have mentioned above has worked, the last resource that remains for us to be able to print a document in black is to change the color of the letter to one that is similar to black or to a bluish color or dark green, so that the difference is not so noticeable to the naked eye.

To change the color of all the text, the first thing we must do is select it through the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + a. Next, if we use Word, on the ribbon we click on Start and then click on the letter A with a red line at the bottom. Next, we select a dark color, either gray, blue or dark green, we can even try dark gray.

Cambiar color texto Word

Word uses the RGB (Red, Green, and Blue) color mode, which, when combined, allows us to generate white, but not black. However, home printers use the CMYK color mode, the mixture of cyan, yellow and magenta to generate it, so it is recommended that the color of the text to be printed be dark blue as much as possible, instead of using a greenish hue.

Other options

If none of the options that we have shown you in this article solve the problem and we cannot find a nearby store that has the color cartridge that we need, we can resort to any of the copy shops that we can find in any neighborhood, stores that, for very little money, will allow us to print in the highest quality and in full color. If we get used to using this type of store, we will avoid having to always be aware of the ink level of the cartridges as well as avoiding the risk of them drying out if we do not use them for a long period of time.