With Adobe AI you will doubt if the photos have Photoshop or not

Adobe AI

We are ending 2022. In the artistic field, we have left all that world of NFTs behind a little. This year, the real bombshell has been that of artificial intelligence . A little over a year ago, we would not have even remotely imagined the progress that has been made in recent months. Adobe has to maintain its leadership in the application market, so during this Adobe Max , they have not hesitated to present new tools for their suite that make use of AI to make it easier for artists.

Between a rock and a hard place

adobe creative express cloud

We tend to think that artists are very open-minded people, but this is not always the case. There are artists who are willing to try any technique and innovation. On the other hand, there is a group that completely rejects any improvement that lands in the creative field.

Just as some photographers left the profession when digital photography arrived, Adobe has had to deal with this whole AI thing. Although many Photoshop users would be happy to use automatic tools to improve their work, the American company has found itself facing certain clients who are totally against implementing AI in their work.

Adobe surprised us some time ago with its Neural Filters , a whole library of artificial intelligence filters that harness the power of neural networks to enhance images, colorize black and white photos, or even put a smile on a snapshot on the screen. that someone has been serious. As we have seen in this Adobe Max, the company has decided to ignore the recommendations of some of its customers and are going to bet heavily on AI . And that makes us happy, because it looks like it is the right way to go.

What new AI filters are coming to Adobe soon?

All of these improvements should be coming to the various Adobe Creative Cloud programs soon:

Restore images

restaurar imagenes ia photoshop.jpg

Restoring an image with scratches and stains is not at all complicated. It takes a bit of time, but it can be done as long as there are no key pieces missing from the snapshot. Luckily, this process can now be done in Photoshop in a matter of seconds at the click of a button.

detailed selections

Are you a wand or a magnetic lasso? If you’ve used recent versions of Photoshop , you’ll know that automatic selections aren’t all that bad, but they’re far from perfect. Adobe seems to have worked a lot on this feature, because now we will be able to make super-precise selections of objects, skies, people… all this without destroying the edges. We will even be able to select hair without spending half an hour making a mask!

People Settings

mascaras ia photoshop.jpg

This implementation is coming to Lightroom . The AI will be able to detect human patterns in the photographs. From there, we can highlight the light of the skin, the iris and other elements in a very simple way. This has always been possible with the brush, but now you won’t have to sharpen your aim to get good results.

Surely this function is applauded by both amateur photographers and professionals who spend hours and hours in front of the screen.

Delete and fill

rellenar contenido ia.jpg

It’s a new Photoshop implementation for removing objects from an image with the well-known ‘ Content Aware Fill ‘ feature.

Similarly, a new function to remove backgrounds from images will be added. This feature will be available in the iPad version of Photoshop and also for Adobe Express . It will allow you to easily cut images to make montages or share on social networks.

Other cool features:

adobe substance 3d.jpg

These other implementations will also be coming to Adobe programs in the coming months. Take note.

  • Adobe Express : Recommended templates and text font recommendations based on content. Now, you can find the perfect font for your logo thanks to an AI.
  • Adobe Premiere :
    • New Remix function, which adjusts the music to match the cuts of the selected clips.
    • Auto Color: Applies intelligent color changes to suit the scene. A kind of automatic color grading to speed up the workflow.
  • Adobe After Effects : AI scene detection to later convert into layers automatically with markers already set.
  • Substance 3D – We will now have a massive collection of AI-generated materials to work with on our projects.