WinZip and CorelDRAW Suite: New Applications for Windows 11

Last week Microsoft made the arrival of Windows 11 official and just today we can download its first official version. There are many expectations placed on this new operating system, as well as on the promises made by those from Redmond in its presentation. One of them refers to the possibility of running basic Windows 32 applications in the new Windows 11 Application Store.

On the occasion of this promise, today we have already been able to know the confirmation by Corel that both WinZip 25 Pro and the CorelDRAW Graphics suite, in their classic versions of Win32 (which we like so much), will be available for download within the Microsoft Store that will incorporate Windows 11.

WinZip and CorelDRAW Suite: New Applications for Windows 11

WinZip and CorelDRAW, Win32 version on Windows 11

Corel has been commissioned to confirm through a press release that with the arrival of Windows 11 Insider Preview, it will bring the arrival of WinZip 25 Pro to the Microsoft Store as a Win32 application . It is the latest version of the signature with which you can safely manage, store and share files in the new Microsoft operating system. Along with this application, Corel is preparing to include more applications in the Wi32 version, including the complete CorelDRAW Graphics suite.

Tienda de Windows 11

The collaboration between the Corel work team and its close collaboration with Microsoft have made this novelty possible, which will surely be to the liking of users who love classic versions of Windows when using applications. It should be noted that, among the novelties of the new version of the popular file compressor, it has all the necessary functions to handle ZIP files, allowing us to reduce the amount of space that files occupy on our hard drive.

WinZip 25 Pro can be purchased if you go through the Microsoft Store

It should be noted that the new version of WinZip 25 Pro incorporates a traditional trial version to test the product. Once finished, we can buy the application directly from Corel and not from the Windows 11 application store. This is something that will be carried out following the path outlined in the new Microsoft policies. According to this, it allows companies to run their own store within the application itself, as long as they do not sell games. This great novelty that Windows 11 will bring with it, offers this advantage to developers, something that they cannot opt for from the iOS application store, which makes it different from its more direct competition.

In this way, developers can choose to incorporate their own store within the applications downloaded from the Microsoft Store, thereby using their own monitoring system. As a result, they will no longer have to give a percentage of this income to the Redmond company. In this way, Corel will be one of the first to benefit from this novelty.