Windows Password Recovery to Recover Passwords on Windows

Internet security is key in these times, but this can also be extrapolated to the equipment and programs that we use locally. For example, with this what we want to say is that, although we are the only ones who use a certain computer with Windows, it will always be preferable that we protect it.

At this time Microsoft presents us with a wide variety of elements so that we can protect and in turn log into the operating system. We can do this through a PIN, an image, a fingerprint , an external USB key, a password, etc. With everything and with this, the traditional method for this protection that we are talking about, is usually the use of the traditional password.

Windows Password Recovery

As we have told you on many occasions, it must be robust and secure enough so that it cannot be easily discovered. But of course, we must also memorize it or keep it well in case we need it or forget it. Because of course, having a Windows account that we use as a system administrator that we have forgotten or lost can be a problem. But there are some solutions that we can use, such as the software that we are going to talk about next.

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What does Passcape Windows Password Recovery offer us useful?

Specifically, it is a program called Windows Password Recovery that has been specifically created for the purpose of analyzing network security and recovering Windows startup passwords. And is that this Windows password recovery tool is a solution that implements recovery technologies based on an internal operation of Artificial Intelligence.

In this way, what we achieve is to easily recover or reset the forgotten passwords of any Windows account. It is also trained, something very useful for system administrators, to reveal security breaches helping to ensure the reliability and security of the corporate network. Specifically, here we are talking about the access codes that we have been talking about, that is, the Windows login.

Therefore and thanks to this complete software, we will have the opportunity to unlock the user accounts of those who have lost or forgotten it.

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For all this, the firm that developed this solution offers us a powerful software solution that we can use. It is an executable program like any other that we can use both locally and remotely on other PCs with network problems or with blocked passwords . It is also worth knowing that the program works with all versions of Windows and has internal artificial intelligence functions to recover the passwords of certain accounts.

How to recover Windows passwords

Well, as we told you at the beginning, we download it and run it in Windows like any other conventional software solution. Thus, once we start it, we find a complete user interface that at first has to analyze the equipment as such. This is a process that will likely take a few minutes to complete. Say that in the upper part of the main window, in the Wizards section, we find the work modes that interest us here, through useful wizards.

Recovery Wizards

Of course, before we can get hold of the one we are looking for in this specific program, we refer to Password Recovery Wizards, it must do an analysis of the PC. For this we recommend that you previously run the other two previous assistants, Hash Import Wizard and Hardware Wizard. It is true that this could take a few minutes, as we mentioned, but its final effectiveness will be greater. When executing the first one, Windows Password Recovery will ask us to specify if we want to extract the Windows hashes from that computer, from another remote computer, or from a specific location.

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Then the process will begin, which will last a while, and we automatically have the possibility to mark that, when finished, the hardware assistant begins. This is something that, as we mentioned, is recommended, so we mark the corresponding box. Therefore, when finished, the detection of the hardware that we have installed on the PC will begin.

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Recover passwords by fast or accurate method

At this point, it should be mentioned that this is a job that can be carried out both manually and automatically. In order not to complicate ourselves too much, it is advisable to use the second of the proposed alternatives. Once it is finished, the detection of the Windows account passwords can begin. But of course, here we must bear in mind that if we use the most effective analysis method of the three proposed, the time that this can take is between one and three hours.

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On the other hand, the faster method also takes a time, although somewhat less, between 10 and 20 minutes. From there, we will have the possibility of exporting the data of the Windows accounts extracted from here, or launching other projects.

Alternatives to Windows Password Recovery

Ophcrack: this is a software to extract Windows passwords that we can find both in portable and installable versions. Say that it is very fast and easy to use, even for those who are not very expert in these matters. It also allows us to create a free ISO to boot from it, all from this link .

Cain and Abel: here we show you a very useful program to decipher passwords for many programs so that those who have forgotten them can recover them. Say that this is something that we can carry out directly from this link .

How to download Windows Password Recovery

Well, once we know the usefulness that this security program proposes, whether you are a home user or a system administrator, you will want to know how to achieve it. Well, this is something that we are going to achieve directly from the developer’s website.

Keep in mind that we have a trial version to get an initial idea of what this software offers us. Of course, once the trial time has passed, the cost of the Windows Password Recovery license is 65 euros. You can get all of this from this link .