Windows 11 will be able to open compressed files

In recent years, compressed files have become increasingly significant in the daily lives of millions of PC users. Formats like RAR, ZIP, or 7Z have gained popularity for various purposes, and Microsoft has been striving to adapt its Windows system accordingly.

Currently, the software giant is heavily focused on its latest version, Windows 11. Moreover, the ongoing annual conference for Microsoft developers serves as a platform for unveiling exciting news and announcements related to the operating system. In particular, Windows 11 brings numerous new features and enhancements for compressed files, some of which have already garnered attention during the conference.

compressed files

One notable innovation showcased at the event is the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) within the operating system. However, the advancements don’t stop there. It has been revealed that Microsoft is actively working on integrating native support for widely-used and popular file formats associated with compression. As part of the forthcoming updates to Windows 11, users can expect to benefit from native support for additional file formats in this category.

The compression formats that will come to Windows 11

The software giant aims to significantly enhance the native compatibility of the Windows 11 operating system with widely used compression formats. This includes popular formats like Tar, 7-zip, RAR, GZ, and more. The incorporation of these formats will be made possible through the utilization of an open-source project called Libarchive.

The main goal is to provide users with improved functionality when working with various compression formats. Additionally, the performance of these file operations, including compression and extraction, will be enhanced directly within Windows, eliminating the need for external programs. Essentially, users will have the ability to open and compress files stored in disk drives using these mentioned formats, all without relying on third-party applications.

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To achieve this, Windows 11 will leverage Libarchive, which is a versatile open-source compression and archiving library. Libarchive also supports other file formats such as LHA, CAB, and XAR. However, it remains unclear if all these formats will be incorporated into Windows 11. Furthermore, it has not been specified whether advanced functionalities typically offered by specific compressors, such as password protection, will be supported.

By expanding compatibility, Windows 11 aims to provide a more comprehensive solution for handling compressed files, reducing the need for external applications during both installation and execution. Currently, Windows only supports a limited number of compression formats, with ZIP being the most widely recognized. The upcoming enhancements will considerably increase the range of supported formats within the operating system.