Will the iPhone have Touch ID and Face ID at the same time?

Touch ID and Face ID are the two ways that Apple can safely unlock its devices. The first to arrive was Touch ID with the launch of the iPhone 5S, but it is a technology that is still used against the latest, Face ID. However, it will be quite difficult to see the two together on the same device, and in this post we will tell you why.

Will the iPhone have Touch ID and Face ID at the same time

In technology, from time to time it happens that you suddenly find yourself with a fork, and that is that after many years with a good tool, companies plan to move forward. And this is what happened to Apple with Touch ID. This unlock technology works thanks to a sensor that is located under the home button, and detects your fingerprint. However, after many years using this technology to unlock terminals, in 2017 and with the launch of the iPhone X, a new way to unlock the mobile appeared: with Face ID.

This facial recognition uses a TrueDepth camera system, which is equipped with sensors, cameras and a dot projector on top of the iPhone screen. This allows you to create a detailed 3D map of your face, and every time you look at your phone, the system performs a secure verification. This is how the device is unlocked.

Face ID

Is this possibility feasible?

As we have seen before, Touch ID and Face ID are two very different ways to protect the iPhone, each with its pros and cons. However, unlike other brands, it will be difficult to see a combination of these two technologies on Apple devices.

To the pity of users, Apple does not plan, at the moment, to mix Touch ID and Face ID. But although it seems that Touch ID has become outdated, this is not the case since the launch of the new iPhone SE was announced at the beginning of 2022, and against all odds, this device has Touch ID as well as a central button. So it is clear that this way of unlocking the iPhone will continue to be quite clear in the Cupertino company.

Touch ID

One of the reasons why it is not possible to see these two technologies together is the simplicity that characterizes Apple. The designs of the North American company are always simple, so it is more than possible that as time goes by, the central button will disappear from all iPhones and there will only be a screen. If there is no Home button, it will not be possible to put Touch ID. And although it could be put on the screen, as other companies have done, Apple does not see it as a valid option today.

Although it is not possible to see these two technologies together, it should be noted that both are more than safe and there will be hardly any security problems. It is true that Apple has invested more in improving Face ID, while Touch ID has remained the same for several years, which is already a more than clear indication of what form of security Apple is betting on for the future.