Why your router can be damaged and what to do to avoid it

We can say that the router is the main device to be able to connect to the network. If something fails, we are left offline. Therefore, it is very important to take care of this device and avoid problems. However, sometimes errors appear and it can even be damaged . Why is this happening? In this article we are going to talk about the most common reasons and in this way you can avoid them.

What can mess up a router

Why your router can be damaged and what to do to avoid it

The fact that the router breaks down is usually due to a physical, hardware, or component problem. However, sometimes it could also be a bug at the software level and could even lead to a problem that affects one of the components, such as Wi-Fi.


One of the main reasons why the router breaks down is due to overheating. This is common to happen especially in summer, when the temperature rises and our device can overheat. That is when it suffers the most and can lead to occasional failures, but also permanent ones.

What favors the overheating of the router? Definitely a bad location. For example, place the router near a window where it receives direct sunlight or put it next to other electronic devices that give off heat. Therefore, the ideal is to place the router as isolated as possible.

Dirt or moisture

Another very common problem is that the router is damaged by dirt and moisture. In the first case, the appliance may accumulate dust that will prevent it from cooling properly. That could affect the internal hardware and also lead to overheating of the device.

Humidity is also a bad friend of electronic devices. For example, it is a mistake to clean the router with a damp cloth and water can fall inside. That could damage the electronics and cause both short-term and long-term problems.

problem with the connectors

It is possible that the problem appears in the Ethernet ports and you cannot navigate by cable through any specific or even all of them. This is usually related to some physical problem, such as having accidentally yanked the cable and that has broken the connectors.

That will also cause your router to stop working well, since you will not be able to connect other devices by cable and will only work over Wi-Fi. Without a doubt, a problem that will prevent you from browsing at maximum speed or having good network stability.

security attack

In case you have intruders on the Wi-Fi network , it can also cause the device to stop working properly. At the end of the day they will be able to change the configuration, and that includes modifying the strength of the wireless network, among other things. Although in the short term it can affect the speed and appear cuts, it could also lead to hardware problems in the long term.

To avoid this, it is essential to protect the security of the network. You should always have a good password, current encryption and have the router updated to correct any type of vulnerability that may appear.

continuous use

One more reason why the router can be damaged is simply due to use . Although they are devices that are designed to last for a long time connected, the truth is that depending on how we use them and the more devices we connect, problems may appear that affect their functionality.

The useful life of these devices is long, but not infinite. Therefore, do not think that your router will work forever; There will come a time when you have to buy a new one, which also provides significant improvements in terms of performance.

In short, as you have seen, there are several reasons why the router can be damaged. It is important that you avoid making mistakes, such as placing it in the wrong place, and ensure that the device works as well as possible. Only in this way will you extend the useful life of the device and improve the speed of the Internet and avoid cuts. You can always keep in mind some steps if the router is not working.