Why you should connect your Smart TV via Ethernet cable today

Having the Internet on television today is very common. Your TV may already have Wi-Fi or a serial Ethernet port, or you may need to add it. Basically you will have the option to connect by cable or wirelessly. In this article we are going to explain why it is better to use an Ethernet cable for your Smart TV . You will see that it has some important advantages to make the connection work better.

Reasons to connect Ethernet cable TV

connect your Smart TV via Ethernet cable

It is true that the most common today is to connect devices wirelessly. It is more comfortable, since we do not depend on cables, but it is also more unstable and there are usually more problems. Therefore, whenever you can, it is better that you connect your television to an Ethernet cable and these are the reasons.

You avoid interference

The first reason is that you avoid interference. If you connect via Wi-Fi, this problem is more likely to appear. Why is this happening? There are different reasons, but for example it can happen if you have Bluetooth speakers and other devices that use this technology. When using the 2.4 GHz frequency , there may be problems.

On the other hand, if you connect by Ethernet cable, this problem with interference will not affect you. You can use wireless devices near the television, such as those speakers mentioned, a telephone or any other.

Greater stability

One of the advantages of using a network cable over wireless connections is that they are more stable . Partly because of what we said about interference, but also due to other factors such as distance and possible obstacles. Using an Ethernet cable will provide greater stability and you will have fewer cuts.

This, when using Internet television, is very important. Think, for example, of a Netflix movie you are watching. If you connect wirelessly you could have little stability and it cuts continuously.

More speed

Another factor to consider is speed . The normal thing is that by Wi-Fi you get less speed. If you are also far from the access point, maybe you get very little. It can be a major problem to play Streaming videos in high quality, since it could be cut off and everything will work badly.

For example, Netflix recommends having at least 25 Mbps speed to watch HD videos. By cable it is more likely that you can reach that speed, since by Wi-Fi it is more complicated.

Latency, a key factor

But beyond speed, another key point is latency or ping . By Ethernet cable it is always less, which is very important for playing games on the Internet or making video calls. Basically it is the delay time that there is and if it is very high you can have serious problems.

Therefore, once again, using a network cable on your television instead of Wi-Fi will make everything work better. You will have fewer problems when you need to use something that requires the lowest possible ping.

Greater security

One more advantage is that you will have greater security . Wi-Fi networks may have more problems in this regard. They are more vulnerable to possible attacks, you need to use strong passwords to avoid attacks and, in short, your data can be more at risk than if you connect by cable.

This does not mean that there cannot be security problems with cable, since you can still download a virus by mistake or use a dangerous program. But at least you are going to have better protection than wireless networks and your television will be safer.

As you can see, whenever you can you should connect your Smart TV via Ethernet cable instead of Wi-Fi. This will help you avoid many problems, both when using the connection and also when it comes to security. You always have the option of adding a Gigabit Ethernet port to your television.