Why you should change the operator’s router

The router is a fundamental piece to connect to the Internet in our day to day. Normally the operators themselves provide us with one, either paying or for free. However, we have at our disposal a wide range of possibilities. There are many devices that we can use, with different features and functions. In this article we will talk about it. We will explain why it may be interesting to change our operator’s router for a different one.

The importance of the router in our day to day

It is a reality that today the router is an important part of our technological life. It is the device that allows us to access the network through the different equipment we have. The current ones allow us to connect both by cable and wirelessly. The latter makes it possible to connect a wide variety of mobile devices.

The point is that sometimes the router we have may not be enough for what we are looking for. It is true that if we have a daily, basic use and without needing great things, the one offered by our operator will be enough. Now, if we need anything else we will have to acquire one on our own .

Having a router that suits our needs correctly will be essential for our day to day. Especially if we are demanding users we will need a device that works correctly and never puts our safety at risk.

Why we should change our operator’s router

Improve wireless signal

One of the main reasons why we should change our operator’s router is to improve the wireless signal . Nowadays having a good Wi-Fi connection is essential for everything related to the Internet of Things and mobile devices. Now, keep in mind that not all routers work well in this regard.

Buying a router that best suits what we need can mean that it increases the wireless signal considerably. They can have several external antennas, for example, as well as a greater capacity to connect us from other distances.

Greater security and control

They can also improve security . It is true that modern routers have standards that may be sufficient in most cases, but may fall short in others. There are routers that have more additional functions that protect us on the network, such as a firewall or a VPN.

Something similar happens with the control. Not everyone allows you to create a guest network or have parental control, for example. These are aspects valued by many users.

More Ethernet ports

Are we going to connect a lot of equipment through cable? Our operator’s routers are usually limited. They may even have only one Gigabit Ethernet and the rest are Ethernet, so the speed will not be the maximum.

By acquiring a new router we can choose a model that has more Gigabit Ethernet ports and thus connect all the devices we need.

Optimized to play online

It is certainly one of the reasons why many users buy a new router. When playing online we need the minimum possible latency, as well as always maintain a good speed and signal stability. This does not always happen with conventional routers and a good idea may be to buy a specific router to play.

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More freedom to install other firmware

We will also have more freedom when modifying the firmware . Many operators routers do not allow firmware change or there are not so many options in this regard. If we buy a new one we will have more freedom in this regard.

Speed increase

Logically, speed is also a vital factor for Internet users. All routers do not offer the same speed. There may be differences both by cable and Wi-Fi level. This can be a determining factor to end up buying a new router and not continue with that of our operator.