Why You Should Avoid Using Camera Protectors on Your Smartphone

When it comes to protecting our smartphones, screen protectors and cases are often the first accessories that come to mind. However, there’s one area of the device where adding extra protection may not be as beneficial as it seems: the camera lenses.

The Misconception of Camera Protectors:

gorilla glass camera

While it’s common practice to shield our phones from scratches and drops, many users are also opting to apply protectors to the lenses of their devices, especially those in the high-end range. The fear of damaging expensive smartphones prompts this precaution, but it’s important to understand that adding a protector to the camera lenses can actually cause more harm than good.

Built-in Protection:

What many people may not realize is that smartphone manufacturers like Samsung and Apple have already implemented protective measures for their camera lenses. With technologies like Corning Gorilla Glass, these lenses are designed to resist scratches and maintain optical performance without the need for additional protectors.

Drawbacks of Camera Protectors:

Contrary to popular belief, camera protectors can negatively impact the quality of photos and videos captured by the smartphone. Especially in low-light conditions, these protectors can interfere with light transmission and result in reduced image quality. Additionally, removing a protector can be a delicate process, potentially leaving behind residue or even damaging the lens itself.

samsung mobile camera protector

A Better Alternative:

Instead of relying on camera protectors, users concerned about the durability of their smartphone cameras can opt for cases with built-in camera covers. These cases feature a window specifically designed to protect the camera lenses when not in use, offering a more practical and effective solution without compromising image quality.


While the intention behind using camera protectors is to safeguard valuable smartphone components, the reality is that they may do more harm than good. With advancements in lens technology and the availability of alternative protective measures like camera cover cases, users can ensure the longevity of their smartphone cameras without sacrificing image quality or risking damage to their devices. Ultimately, it’s essential to make informed decisions when it comes to smartphone accessories, prioritizing functionality and performance over unnecessary additions.