Why you may need more than one Wi-Fi repeater

In order to have a better Internet connection wirelessly, one option is to have a Wi-Fi amplifier. Now, you may need more than one. In this article we are going to talk about why you might need more than one Wi-Fi repeater . We will explain if this is really going to improve your coverage and what other alternatives you could take into account in order to improve the signal.

When to use multiple Wi-Fi repeaters

Why you may need more than one Wi-Fi repeater

We can say that a Wi-Fi repeater is basically a device that connects to the router and broadcasts the signal it receives . If, for example, we need to expand coverage in a certain area of the house, this type of device is very useful as long as it is well located and configured. But sometimes it is not enough to have just one and it is even advisable to have several.

cover different areas

One of the reasons is to be able to cover different areas . If, for example, you want the connection to reach two rooms that are far from each other, if you put a single repeater it will not be able to cover both. On the other hand, if you use two, one in each, if you are going to be able to improve the connection and that the signal reaches better.

Now, you can take this into account as long as the distance to the router is not excessive from both rooms. In case one is very far away, even if you put a repeater it may not receive enough signal for you to connect and you would have to look for other alternatives.

Avoid saturation

It’s also a good idea to use multiple Wi-Fi repeaters to avoid saturation. If you are going to connect several devices to a Wi-Fi extender, it may start to malfunction. This will depend on the model, but the normal thing is that you notice certain problems when you connect more devices and it begins to saturate.

To prevent this from happening, a simple method is to use another Wi-Fi repeater. It is true that the bandwidth will be exhausted anyway, but if the problem is simply that the repeater is saturated when connecting several devices, you will be able to solve it.

Can also connect by cable

Another reason is to be able to connect devices by cable . Wi-Fi repeaters can broadcast a signal wirelessly, but some models also have an Ethernet port to connect a computer or television via cable. This can improve performance and make the connection more stable.

The problem is that repeaters often only have one Ethernet port. You may need to connect more than one device and therefore it may be a good idea to have multiple wireless repeaters to provide multiple ports.

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Alternatives to improve the wireless network

But there are not only Wi-Fi repeaters to improve the Internet connection . You can use other alternatives that will make the wireless coverage improve and reach other places in your home and you can connect more devices without problems. The objective is to eliminate dead zones, places where the wireless network does not reach or reaches very weakly.

A very interesting alternative is to have a Wi-Fi Mesh system . In this case there are several satellites that connect to each other to be able to take the connection to other places. Unlike a repeater, each of the devices does not connect directly to the router, but to each other forming a mesh network.

You can also make use of PLC devices . They are very useful to take the connection to more distant areas in a house. Basically they are two devices that are connected to each other through the power line. One plugs into the router and power, while the other plugs into a different outlet somewhere else.

In short, as you have seen on occasions, it is a good idea to have more than one Wi-Fi repeater at home. It can be very useful to improve Wi-Fi and thus ensure that the wireless connection reaches the areas where it is more limited.