Why weird people follow me on Instagram?

Have you tired of seeing how people you don’t know publish you in stories, posts or see your stories? Instagram bots are tagging many users in random fake posts causing them to start seeing unwanted content on this service. It is something that is happening a lot to Instagram users, but also on other social networks such as Facebook or TumbIr. Regarding the famous image app owned by Meta, there are many people who are complaining that they are tagged for no reason.

Although it’s something that’s been going on for a while to a lesser extent, it’s now gotten out of hand to the point where they seem to control the app. They are tagging users in random fake posts. Specifically, many of them have been bombarded with spam with fake Shein pages and accounts , although we will surely find many other accounts that are doing the same. Many of them could take advantage of their users to get their data, money or scam them.

instagram follower

Bots fill the app with spam posts

The situation reaches such a point that bots can tag you in the same post several times without you being able to do anything to avoid it. There are many people who are complaining about it and request that only the people you follow can tag you, and not just anyone, like this:

I have been getting an incredible amount of spam tags on all my @instagram channels. Isn’t it about time we started allowing only people you follow to tag you? This is crazy.

A user says on Twitter that he wishes Instagram would improve its security against bots, since there were 3 fake accounts that tagged him on the same day in the same post published right after creating a spam account:

Twitter User Image
Pete Everitt
I wish @instagram (well, @facebook) would improve their security from bots. Had 3 fake accounts tag me today in the same post posted right after creating a spam account.Instagram is a great platform, but it’s so tedious to have to deal with all the fake accounts and tags ☹️

April 12, 2023 • 18:26

As we can see, many take advantage of the good name of Shein for this:

@instagram seriously when are you going to stop these horrible @SHEIN_Official spam accounts? I must have had over 25 tags and mentions today!

In any case, as we see in this image, not only are they fake Shein accounts, but many others are acting with complete impunity, filling the platform with spam and bothering many users to an unsustainable extent.

What can you do to avoid it?

There are many affected people who have tried to contact the Instagram team to solve the problem without success. The only thing you can do in the meantime is restrict the accounts that tag you and ban certain keywords, although they can evolve by creating new accounts and with new words. You can see the people you have restricted and make the settings you need in the Instagram settings, in the privacy options. In any case, there are those who have continued to be bothered anyway. It is also good that you block and report.

To restrict a person from a message that has arrived , what you have to do is the following:

  1. press his name
  2. Click on your name again
  3. Select the Restrict option that appears on the screen

You can do it directly from your profile:

  1. go to his profile
  2. Click on the 3 dots in the upper right corner
  3. Select the Restrict option


However, it can be an interesting temporary solution that saves you a lot of hassle when push comes to shove. Let’s hope that Instagram will speak up and find a solution to this annoying problem that is affecting many people around the world. It does not seem like an easy task, but we hope that they will soon get to work to combat the high amounts of spam in Instagram accounts in recent days.