Why the Second Space of MIUI 12 Does Not Work on the Mobile

We have been hearing and seeing the problems of MIUI 12 since the customization layer was practically introduced, but nevertheless today the problems continue to surprise. Now many devices of the firm have been affected by an error that disables or makes it difficult to take advantage of Xiaomi‘s second space, one of those options that make the Chinese manufacturer’s layer more interesting.

It does not correspond to a single model, but there are several affected who have left their complaints in the Xiaomi, Reddit or Twitter forums. The complaints for now have not reached Xiaomi since the manufacturer has not given an answer to these failures and there are already a few. An error that we could think that it is not too serious, although it can be if we have been using it until the moment of the failures.

All problems with MIUI 12 second space

The list of problems that has arisen around this function is very varied and diverse, causing not everyone to find the same faults. In the first place we come across images that show us how in some cases it is impossible to create a second space in MIUI 12, thus preventing us from using it as we want.

problema segundo espacio xiaomi

But the desperation of some users does not come only because they cannot create this second space, but because they have been using it since before and after updating to MIUI 12, the smartphone does not allow them to do many tasks normally. We remember that the second space can be used to install other different apps, save files and practically have a second mobile configured even with another SIM in Xiaomi.

Among the most serious errors appears the case of some users who have photos and videos in the second space that they cannot now recover, since the error does not allow them to be moved to the main space. It is also not possible to extract them with the help of the cable next to a computer, since they appear as invisible in the system.

Others have been found as if by magic the second space has been erased and they have lost everything they had stored there, so you must be attentive to how you use them on your device.

Is there a way to fix it?

Unfortunately and to date, if you have files stored in the second space of MIUI 12 that you cannot recover, you will have to trust that a solution will finish fixing it or send those files through an email messaging app to be able to extract them before an error erase the second space randomly as others have suffered.

borrar segundo espacio xiaomi

On the contrary, if you do not have anything of value in the second space, it is best to delete it so that it does not continue to generate problems. When it is resolved you can use it again without fear of losing anything saved. To do this, we have to enter the Settings> Special functions> Second space and touch the trash can that we show you in images to later configure the process.

Source> Xiaomi