Why putting your router near a window is a bad idea

The router is a fundamental device to be able to surf the Internet. If for some reason it malfunctions, that can be a major problem. Therefore we must take care of it, prevent it from having failures and keep it in good condition. In this article we are going to explain why it is not a good idea to place the router next to a window . There are several factors that can affect performance in addition to security.

Putting the router next to the window is a bad idea

Why putting your router near a window is a bad idea

Choosing the best location for the router is very important. In this way you make sure you always have good coverage, but also avoid problems that cause the useful life of the device to decrease. For example, you should not put it near other electrical appliances. Now, why is it not a good idea to put it next to a window either?

Avoid overheating

The first thing is to avoid overheating. It is essential to maintain a good temperature in the router , since otherwise there could be problems that affect performance, there could be cuts and poor speed. Especially in the summer months, when it is hotter, the router can have problems.

If we put it next to a window, direct sunlight can enter at certain times. That will cause the device to overheat. Nothing may happen in the short term and it may continue to work, but over time it will lose its useful life. Also, it could limit its functions, drop the connection from time to time, etc.

Basically it is the same as if we put the router under another device and it overheats. There may be problems and it will not work as well. Therefore, always avoid putting it next to the window and thus you will achieve an ideal temperature to function at full capacity.

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Make it harder for your Wi-Fi to be stolen

By putting it away from the windows we are also going to make it more difficult for them to steal the Wi-Fi network. It is clear that wireless coverage allows you to cross any surface of the house and they can also try to steal your network. However, by moving it away from the window we are going to make the coverage go a little less far.

Even if it is only partially, we can say that we are going to improve security somewhat. We are going to achieve that the coverage does not reach so intensely outside, where an intruder could decide to try to steal the key and enter the wireless network.

Optimize coverage

It is also important to avoid placing the router next to a window, since in this way you would not be optimizing the connection well. At least not in most cases. Ideally, the device should be in a central location in the home , from where it can distribute the signal to all the rooms and have the best possible coverage.

If we put the router next to a window, we would really be wasting signal. It is the same as if we put it in a corner of the house. Therefore, whenever possible it is interesting to put it in a central location, from where it can correctly distribute the signal and not create dead zones.

In short, as you can see, it is not a good idea to put the router next to a window. It is better to find another different location. Choose well where to locate the router and get the speed and quality to be the best possible.