Why Personal Information is Worth So Much on the Internet

We all know that there are many methods through which personal information can be collected when we surf the net. Many marketing companies and the platforms themselves are constantly looking for ways to collect them. Now, why is our data so valuable on the Internet? In this article we are going to talk about it. We will also give tips to protect ourselves.

Why personal data is worth so much online.

As we say, the personal information of users is something that is highly valued on the Internet. Many intruders may try to find a way to obtain this data, hackers who use techniques to obtain it and, also, the services and platforms that we use.

Why Personal Information is Worth So Much

All of this has a reason, as we can imagine. We are going to see the main aspects for which our information is of great value.

Send targeted advertising

One of the reasons why our data has great value on the Internet is to send targeted advertising . The services we use collect information about our browsing, tastes, what platforms we use … Later they can send targeted advertising on the data they collect.

That is highly valued by companies. They look for a way to get advertising to the right place.

Spam campaigns

Our data is also used to include us in Spam campaigns . For example, if they manage to obtain our telephone number or email account, they may include us in the mass mailing of advertising from a certain organization, for example.

Sell that information to third parties

Of course, these data have an important economic value . They can sell that information to third parties so that they can use it for their benefit. A way to market with that data that we can expose on the Internet and that, ultimately, puts our privacy at risk.

Collect data on the use of services

The very services and platforms that we use want to know what we do, what functions we use, possible errors that may arise, etc. They seek to know more about the way in which we use an application, a device, an online service.

Identity Theft

They may also collect our data for identity theft . They could obtain the necessary information to steal the email account, impersonate the identity in social networks, etc.

How to avoid the theft of personal data

Luckily we can take into account certain tips to avoid the theft of personal information on the network. Common sense will always be something fundamental. We must avoid exposing more data than is really necessary. It is vital that in social networks we do not make public information that could compromise us, that we do not click on fraudulent links or download malicious software.

It will also be very important to have security tools . A way to always protect our computers and prevent the entry of malware. Those malicious files could collect information.

But you also have to take into account the importance of always updating equipment . Sometimes vulnerabilities arise that can be exploited by hackers to carry out their attacks. We must have the latest patches.

We leave you an article with more extensive tips to maintain privacy on the network.