A Better Understanding of Why More Businesses Are Moving to The Cloud

The cloud is fast becoming the go-to for most businesses as it provides value and more options. But that doesn’t give a clear picture as to why more companies are moving in that direction. It may be because of the convenience of the service. 


To understand why businesses are moving to the cloud, you need a breakdown of what it provides. From 2018 to around 2022, there will be a growth of around 20% regarding businesses moving to the cloud. Below is a better understanding of why this is bound to happen.

Low-Cost Disaster Recovery

You don’t want to happen to be in a situation where you lose your data due to a disaster. This can be a particularly challenging time as you need to have measures to recover the data. And this is quite expensive if you don’t store data on the cloud. 

When you are invested in the cloud and have your data backed up there, you have a low-cost recovery. This is essentially a good move for the smaller businesses that don’t have much money to receive their data. It ensures all companies are on equal footing. 

Easy Remote Working

When you have your company data in the cloud, you only need to have an internet connection to work. This was quite helpful when there were significant lockdowns all across the globe due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies that had this at the time made it easy for their workforce to get work done. 

This also ensures that you can work from almost all devices. As when a company has serious cloud services, it can use mobile apps. This ensures that meetings and all info can be accessed on all devices. 

It also ensures that your ground teams are not left out of the loop when sharing data. Field teams tend to use mobile devices like mobile phones and tablets; they will easily access client info while in the field. This makes it easy for them, and the company, as no client info, will be lost as they’re keyed in on the mobile device. 


The other reason why more companies are moving to the cloud is for hosting services. Normal servers are easily prone to attacks, and this can leave a company vulnerable. So, when it comes to hosting, you need to find the correct cloud server. This will ensure that you cannot only have access to your info at any point, but the info is also safe. You won’t have to worry about servers going down or breaches that may leave your company not attending to the customers. This may make you lose some of them. 


If you want to be competitive, you need to move to the cloud. This is one thing that no business owner can ignore any longer. When you move, this gives everyone access to great tech, which enables your business to stay afloat and compete. 

With the cloud, you can quickly pay as you go service that most clients want, especially when they shop online. You won’t have to worry about the big businesses stealing your clients. You can easily compete with them, even as a small business. 


Your workers need info to be moved from one department to the other with minimal fuss. With cloud tech, that is achievable as they won’t have to move the information manually. This will ensure that documents can easily be edited and shared with no stress. 

This will save a lot more time than when they have to move the data manually through the system. One employee will be keying in the information while in the field, and the other will be confirming it in the office. This will increase collaboration and workplace harmony too. 


The last reason on this list is why businesses are moving to the cloud because of its security. As stated already, other servers can be interfered with, which leaves many security questions. With the cloud, they don’t have to worry about such scenarios. 

When there’s a security breach, it means that all client data is up for grabs in the market. And this data may have taken months to develop and cultivate. This may then be used for immoral purposes, which will cost clients to lose faith in the business. 

using laptop

The cloud offers several advantages over the old way of doing things. Customers today want to shop quickly and be assured that the info they share is safe. These are some of the reasons why businesses will only continue to move to the cloud.