Why is Wallapop removing my ads?

If you have created an ad on Wallapop and it goes against the rules of coexistence, current legal provisions or good customs, the company will remove your ads and send you an email indicating why it has happened. Therefore, it is important that you check your email to see if they have written to you informing you of the reasons for the removal of the product.

It is important that you discover why they can delete your ads on Wallapop in order to avoid it as much as possible, since if you seriously breach it or do it several times, they can end up deactivating your account on the service.

Why is Wallapop removing my ads

Reasons why your ad can be deleted

There are several reasons why the platform for the sale of second-hand products and other products can delete your ads, so we will tell you about some of the most important ones.

The product is repeated

If you have published the same product several times on the platform to increase your chances of selling it, it will end up being withdrawn, since you are not complying with one of its conditions.

You will also do it if you do it in two or more different accounts, because you can only make one ad for each of the products you have for sale.

In this case, it is best to make only one ad for each of the things you offer, since it will be enough for you and you will not risk losing your account.

If you want to buy, and not sell

If you want to purchase products on the platform, you can check the available ads. However, what you cannot do is make an ad to buy or search for something.

If this is what happens and the ad has been deleted, it is best to go to the search page to see if there is a product that matches your requirements. Otherwise, it doesn’t hurt to look at it frequently until you find what interests you or opt for other platforms that allow you to search for them.

Products or advertisements not allowed

If you put products on sale that are not allowed on the platform, they will withdraw your ad as soon as they become aware of it.

Some of the products that are not allowed are imitations or replicas , weapons or explosive material, prescription drugs, tobacco, animals, food and drink, surgical material, tickets to events or general tickets, gift cards, samples of perfumes and cosmetics, change of currencies etc.

Ads that are not allowed can be those that publish nudity, sexual content, with certain external links, refer to the Nazi movement, promote violence, jokes and others. You can check what these are in the help section (in the You section), in Rules of coexistence in Wallapop or on this page .


check what happens

You can check what has happened by checking your email, although it is most likely that Wallapop has realized that you have breached any of its rules in a routine review or they have reported you. If it isn’t, check your spam folder or wait because it may take a while for them to send it to you.

If you have been reported

Users can report you for different reasons. Sometimes it is not Wallapop who makes the decision to remove the ad, but rather several users who consider that you sell unauthorized products, spam or breach any of the service rules and have decided to report it. It could even be given with a single request.

They can also do it because they have reported that you are trying to scam them on Wallapop or they do not agree with something in your ad. If you think this is unfair, contact them.

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Contact them

If you think that your ads or any of them should not have been deleted, you can contact them from the help section by following these steps:

  1. Go to You (bottom on the page)
  2. Scroll down to Need help?
  3. Click on Help Center
  4. Make your query