Why is TikTok not posting my comments?

TikTok is a social network in which videos are prioritized, so you can make your own audiovisual creations as well as see other people’s and even comment on them. In some rare cases, the user of the video you are watching may disable comments, so no one will be able to send any new messages. However, this may not be the case and when you have written a comment it may not be seen .

We tell you what is the reason why your comments are not published and what you can do to find a solution to this problem that is more frequent than you imagine. The reasons to which it may be due are several, so we start with the most likely to go through problems with your mobile, connection or others that you cannot identify.

Why is TikTok not posting my comments

Problems with comments

One of the main problems is related to the comments themselves , which are enabled to be published only when the person who has created the video decides, that they have been deleted or that you will find that you cannot do it directly. These are the most frequent, although it is worth doing checks related to the mobile, app or Internet as we will discuss later.

The other person or TikTok has deleted them

If you have seen that your comment was published, and yet when you came back you realized that it was no longer there, it is possible that the other person has deleted it. It may also be that it has been reported and the app has decided not to appear.

Comments must be approved

Chances are, if you think there is no problem, the other person has hidden the comments so that they can only be seen when they approve them. In TikTok’s privacy settings there is an option called filter all comments.

This is done in the following way:

  1. In the app, go to the profile
  2. There it is given to the 3 stripes in the upper right
  3. Go to Settings and Privacy
  4. From there to Privacy
  5. There we go down to the comments section
  6. In comment filters, filter all is activated

comentarios-filtrados tiktok

If this is activated, all comments will not be visible until the person accepts them, if they finally decide to do so. This person may take time to approve them or they may not be seen because they have decided not to publish your comment.

Filters keep it from being published

The person who posted the video may have set filters by which certain comments are not approved . Thus, recent comments that could be offensive or considered spam or with certain keywords will not be approved unless the other person allows it. These are two existing privacy options on the social network, in addition to the aforementioned possibility of filtering all comments to hide them until they are approved.

The process is practically the same:

  1. In the app, go to the profile
  2. There it is given to the 3 stripes in the upper right
  3. Go to Settings and Privacy
  4. From there to Privacy
  5. There we go down to the comments section
  6. From there it is enabled to filter the selected comment types and/or filter by keywords


You may have to wait to see if it is finally approved, so if you see that your comment takes time, don’t worry, it could still appear.

You are not a follower or friend of the person

In TikTok, comments can be configured so that only everyone, followers or friends, do it. If the person has chosen any of these last security options, you will not be able to make comments on their videos. You can only do it if you become a friend (you must follow the person and they follow you) or if you are a follower (in private accounts).


It may also be that the other person has disabled comments, as we have already said, so that no one else will be able to comment. You can ask someone if this is the case. If someone blocks you , you won’t be able to comment either, but in this case you won’t even be able to watch her videos or interact with her in any way.

It may be due to the app or mobile

If these are not updated, have a security problem or some other, this may affect TikTok, so we will tell you about basic checks that you should carry out.

You do not have mobile capacity

One of the reasons why it could happen is that you do not have storage capacity on your mobile. It is not the most frequent, either, but you could have so little capacity that it gives you problems in this aspect.

In this case, you must free up storage because this will not be the only app that can give you problems if you do not. You can remove apps, delete data, use a card, save to the cloud, or delete photos and videos. What you don’t use or need, delete it.

Similarly, the cache folder may be full. In any case, doing this check is important because this way you can solve some problems with the app. To do this, you go to TikTok, open app information and release storage to be able to delete data and clear cache.

The app or mobile is not updated

It may be that you have not updated the application for a long time, so since there are new versions that you have not installed, it may not work correctly in this regard. You might experience problems posting or deleting comments, among others.

It is not the most common, and the apps are usually updated automatically, but if you are not sure about it, it is best to go to the application store, check if there is a new compatible version and update if necessary.


It may also be that you have not updated your operating system , in which case it may present some errors and vulnerabilities that affect this service. Therefore, we recommend that you have everything well updated.

bad internet connection

The problem may be that you do not have an Internet connection , so the page has not been updated so that you can see your comments. Apparently everything is normal, but if you look closely, you may experience Internet problems in the app itself or in other services. Therefore, it is interesting that you see if the internet is working well, do a speed test, go to another site or contact your operator if necessary.

You can also see if you have any data saving mode activated.

Other solutions

If you do not find the problem, what you can do is try to restart your mobile and leave it off for a few seconds to see if it works correctly later, since there could be a temporary problem in the mobile or the app that is solved by turning off or restarting.

You can also directly uninstall the app and reinstall it to see if the problem is caused by it. And lastly, contact the social network to find out carefully what can happen, but not without first trying all of the above. You can do the latter from the Settings and privacy section, in the Help section, in reporting a problem.