Why is the Internet slow with PLC and how to avoid it

In order to improve the Internet connection, something very useful is to have PLC devices. They usually come in a pack of two and are connected to the power line, each at one end. One of them also plugs into the router. However, sometimes they don’t work well. There may be problems and that causes cuts or poor speed. We are going to explain what the main reasons are and what to do to avoid it.

Why is the Internet slow with PLC

Causes why PLCs malfunction

Normally, this malfunction means that the Internet speed is not what we would like. But it can also happen that continuous cuts appear or that we even have problems establishing the connection. Of course, the normal thing is that we can solve it by following some steps.

You plug them into a strip

The most common reason PLCs malfunction is because they are connected to a power strip . This will greatly limit the quality of the signal and can lead to very slow speeds or even continuous dropouts and dropouts. Sometimes we connect them to this type of plug for convenience or because we do not have another free, but it is a mistake.

The ideal is to connect the PLCs directly to electricity. In this way we will ensure that the signal is optimal and reaches correctly from end to end. We will reduce the risk of connection failures.

There are appliances nearby

It may also happen that there are other electrical appliances nearby . For example put it next to a television. This is going to cause interference and is yet another reason why PLC devices don’t work well. They can especially affect the Wi-Fi network, when they work through wireless networks.

But here we have to mention both the devices that we have nearby, but also those that we plug in directly through the PLC. That is, some models have an integrated power connector. It may seem like a useful thing to do, but this is going to cause interference and problems. It is best to connect them as far apart as possible.

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the wires are bad

The wiring of the house will also influence the proper functioning of the PLC. If your home has old wiring or wiring in poor condition, it can have a very negative influence on these devices to work properly and can cause cuts and loss of speed quite frequently.

In this case we are not going to be able to do much, since it is a problem of the installation. However, what we can do is avoid placing the PLCs too far away and be more careful not to connect other devices nearby or use power strips that could make the situation even worse.

Poor quality of appliances

Another issue that you should take into account is that the devices have poor quality . It is logical to think that not all of them will work equally well, nor will they have the same characteristics to achieve the maximum possible speed and take the connection from one place to another without any interruption.

In this case, what you would have to do is try to change the PLCs. You can read our article where we explain how to choose the best PLC and thus make your connection work as well as possible.