Why is my router losing signal? How to avoid it

One of the problems that we can find when connecting to the Internet is that our speed is too low or that, directly, our router does to lose signal. This loss can be due to many reasons , both our own and the company’s, however, if we call a technician and the fault is ours instead of the network, it is more likely that they will charge us for the visit. But yes; you can avoid it.

Router signal may be lost

router losing signal

We may have a fairly fast WiFi connection at home or at work, but it usually happens that, over time, there are some disconnections, and in its great defect it comes from a sudden loss of the signal from our router, this being something very frustrating. This problem can be due to many causes, and its solution is quite feasible.

Because if; In most Spanish urban centers we are in the midst of the era of home fiber internet, with speeds of up to 1 GB , something absolutely unthinkable a few years ago, when having 300MB was something reserved for professional environments. In this aspect we have improved a lot.

But there are others where we haven’t done it as much, and it’s that the Wi-Fi signal is n’t as stable as it should be and as soon as there’s a setback, the router falls precipitously from those supposed hundreds of ‘megs’ to just tens, ending because our network is lost for a few minutes or even hours.

How can we do it

Sometimes, we can even think that they are stealing WiFi when the coverage simply does not reach us well , something that can be a headache when you have several connected devices spread throughout your home.

The main problem, in this sense, are the obstacles between the router and the device that connects to it, since they interfere with the signal, causing, in most cases, a loss of intensity. This, at the same time, supposes a loss in download and upload speed.

Evitar router pierda señal

Place the router in the center of your house

But we must bear in mind that the position of the router greatly influences the signal, and if we place it in the wrong place, it is very possible that the coverage does not reach the entire house well.

For this reason, and although it is not always done because it can be seen, it is best to place it in the exact center of your house or as close as possible so that the signal from the router is well distributed throughout the house and, if possible, as high as possible. Walls also limit the signal, so the more free of obstacles it is, the better the coverage will be in all areas of your space.

Check and set the maximum speed

If we have contracted a line, we can check the maximum speed that reaches the router from the configuration menu of the device itself. In the configuration, within the Status or Diagnostics section, we will find a section where we will see some parameters with all the values that we will have.

With fiber optic connections, the speed that we contract must reach the ONT at 100% , so that, in case of problems, the cause is almost always from within our home. To solve it, what you can do is check the speed that comes to us.

Do you have updated router firmware?

The firmware is an internal program of the devices that controls the operation of their circuits, a kind of instructions that are housed in their internal storage. Therefore, if at any time we see that the router has lost signal, it is important to make sure that this firmware is always up to date .

Some routers do it automatically so you don’t have to keep an eye on it. You can check if yours does it in its manual, and if not, you will have to update it yourself from the administration page of your router .