Why Does TikTok Add Stories While Twitter Has Removed Them?

Why Does TikTok Add Stories

Many social networks have been implementing new functions since they were born to offer their users the maximum amount of services possible. Although each social network serves something different, many of them copy their functions. An example of this are the stories. Snapchat was the first social network that was characterized by being able to post on it what you wanted and that it was deleted only after 24 hours. Later, other applications such as Instagram, Facebook or Twitter followed his path. Right now TikTok is testing to implement its own story system, while Twitter announced that they will no longer use this feature.

While the social network where stories have triumphed the most is on Instagram (after Snapchat has stopped being used a lot), on Twitter it has been the opposite. The platform christened this feature “Fleets,” but they never had the effect that its creators would have wanted it to have from the beginning.

That Twitter has decided to eliminate this feature almost at the same time that TikTok has decided to implement it may be due to several reasons . You have to understand how each social network works , its function and what is the audience it has and to whom it is directed . That is why the story function did not have a profile to succeed on Twitter while on TikTok it can be the opposite.

Why has Twitter removed the “Fleets”?

When its arrival was announced eight months ago, the feature was not very well received by users. Twitter is a social network where two things predominate : the dissemination of information and each person tweeting whatever they want, being able to do it alone or interacting with another user.

In addition to the fact that this function was late since it was on other social networks, users were not used to publishing content on this social network so that it would then be deleted after a day, but just the opposite, publishing things that last over time.

The best use made of them was by some media outlets that took advantage of the “Fleets” function to compile news at the end of each day. But on the users’ side, it was a feature that very few people used.

And why is TikTok testing them?

For its part, yesterday it was discovered that TikTok is testing its own story system, copying the one previously made by Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. It was all thanks to a tweet from a social media consultant that showed a few screenshots with the new feature on TikTok.

At first it appeared that they were a fake capture, but later it was confirmed that it was true and that TikTok is testing this feature to implement it in the future.

Unlike Twitter, this social network is based on entertainment thanks to short videos that users create (although the platform was recently updated and now lets you record videos of up to three minutes in length).

Therefore, the function of stories on TikTok could have a better result than on Twitter since on this platform users are much more used to publishing short audiovisual content . Also, most of the TikTok audience is young , a group that is much more open to posting any content.

The TikTok spokesperson has assured that they are always thinking of new ways to improve the experience of all their users, in order to provide new tools that help increase the creativity of all users of the social network.

In addition, on TikTok there are a large number of content creators and influencers who are sure to use this function a lot. On the contrary, Twitter is not especially used by these people. Only time will tell if the stories on TikTok will succeed or will only remain in a function that will eventually become obsolete.