Why does the mobile screen change color?

We spend hours and hours looking at the screen of our mobile, both to talk with friends and family, and to watch movies and series. For this reason, one of the most repeated fears has to do with the panel breaking down and not working as it should. Among the problems that may appear there are surprise color changes.

This is what has happened to many people, those who have shown their concern on social networks, seeking explanations as to why their phone has changed color from one moment to another, while in other situations the color of the screen changes. it is more progressive. No matter how your situation is, if you have detected a variation in the tones of the image, we will give you the keys to recognize the problem and its best solution.

Why does the mobile screen change color

Dark or rest mode is activated

Both in iPhone and Android, there are some tools that serve to protect the eyes from blue light and make us sleep better. In recent years, it has become very popular, since without us having to worry about anything at all, it takes care of us, applying a reddish tone to the phone screen, the so-called dark mode. In other cases, what happens is that the screen turns black and white, as if we were watching an old movie, that is the so-called rest mode that tries to prevent us from being attracted by the stimuli that appear.

To check if the color change of the screen that happens to our terminal is due to this, we only have to lower the quick access bar and check if any of these modes is working. In addition, we can also check it within the options panel with the following steps:

  1. We enter the Settings.
  2. Click on Screen.
  3. We look for Dark mode or Night light.
  4. Inside we can activate or deactivate it and change the way it works.

Our recommendation is to choose the start and end time automatically according to the time when it gets dark and when it becomes day, so our stimuli will be in accordance with the time zone.

luz nocturna android

Although if our apparently color problem on the mobile screen was not this, we will have to navigate to the next section, to prevent the phone from being in black and white, losing the color:

  1. We access the Settings.
  2. We enter Digital Wellbeing.
  3. We touch on Rest mode.
  4. We fixed our customization.
  5. At the end of the process, we can choose how the screen will look.
  6. You just have to disable the Grayscale mode.

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The screen may have real problems

Although the most common is that the screen color fails from what we have seen before, it can also occur for other reasons. IPS LCD screens and those with AMOLED or OLED technology fail and it may be the case that marches, color tints or slight changes in tone appear in some areas . In the event that these affect a single app, it might not be a problem with the smartphone, but if it happens constantly, you will have to try to remedy it by regulating the tonality of the panel.

To do this we enter the Settings, to touch the screen again and enter the colors section. Almost all smartphones come with a series of natural or more highlighted tones by default , as well as customizable options. You will have to play with these until you find the key and trust that this is enough to repair the color errors.

The most complex cases that we will not be able to solve with these steps will force us to resort to the guarantee or technical service . Perhaps water has entered the device, the screen has become uncalibrated, or a light blow has caused one of the connectors to not work as it should.