Why does my mobile have less memory than it should?

You have just released your new mobile with enthusiasm, or you have only had it for a short time and you have hardly installed it, and you are about to see how much memory it has because you want to see that the 512 GB announced are real or plan how to optimize the 32 or 64 GB of RAM of that mobile that you bought so cheap.

How you do this check will depend on your mobile, something that is interesting for you to know, although you can try looking for memory in the settings of your smartphone.

Why does my mobile have less memory than it should

It is at that moment that you get a surprise, and that is that the memory is not what they have announced. It is less. What’s wrong, have you been deceived, have you looked wrong? You may have many questions, so we are going to answer this very common question, and that is why the memory of your mobile is less than it really should.

The system and pre-installed apps

Something that reduces the memory of your phone without you having to do anything at all is the system. Just having it installed and starting to work is already taking up space. For this reason, when you have just bought a new mobile or you brand new it and check your memory, you may think that it has less than what is advertised, when what actually happens is that it is being occupied. It does so with the operating system and apps installed from the factory.

Ampliar la memoria del móvil

Since the system files take up much more space than you can imagine, the manufacturers reserve space for it, and to compensate for this, they have stepped up their game by offering cleaners so that you can free up space on your mobile.

Everything on your mobile takes up space, even what you can’t delete. 15 to 25 GB or more can go to this use, although it can be much less if you have an iPhone.

The capacity of updates

The updates of your mobile also consume memory space, so, although it may not seem like it, it is something that reduces your memory without you being able to do anything about it. And this happens with all kinds of updates, something that in a certain way is inevitable because it is advisable to have everything updated for greater security of your mobile and access to the news of the service.

Actualizaciones disponibles para el móvil

One of the main problems with this is that there are more and more updates , something that in itself is good, although it is not so good because of what they consume, and resources have to be allocated for them. Therefore, if you have a mobile with little storage, it could become outdated in a short time since the apps, operating system and others increasingly require more resources and memory.

Over time, everything consumes resources

If at the beginning you can find that “you lack memory”, with the passage of time you will notice it more. With applications that you install, photos, videos and even the cache that is saved and that, although in principle it does not take up much, it becomes larger if you do not delete it. In the end, a mobile with 32 or 64 GB may not be enough for you.

Problema memoria OnePlus 9 Pro

For this reason, it is good that you use the cleaner on your mobile, clear the cache, uninstall apps that you do not use, change the ones that use the most memory for others in their Lite version and take the measures that you consider necessary so that your memory does not run out “ short”. You can even opt for a microSD if your phone allows it. In any case, remember that when you buy a new mobile, the available memory will be somewhat less than what is advertised in its features.