Why do iPhone fans flee to Android? Surprising responses

As is often the case before a new phone is released, sales of the iPhone 12 have dropped slightly in the weeks before the undated iPhone 13 is released. But are these poor sales due only to the proximity of the iPhone 13 or something else?

While it is true that there are many iPhone users who are waiting for the arrival of the new models to update their device, some users think that the iPhone 13 series will not be much different from the previous generation. Before this situation, the firm has the “fear” that many users will go over to the competition.

Why do iPhone fans flee to Android

What does Android have, according to the users who have abandoned the brand, that the current Cupertino phones do not have?

Many reasons to go from iPhone to Android

As a result of a survey of Android device owners living in the US who ever owned an iPhone. It was revealed that most users miss many things on Apple devices that today seem super necessary.

The survey, carried out among more than 5,000 users, leaves us surprising results. While 18 percent of Android users stated that they wanted to switch to iOS devices, 82 percent said they were satisfied with their devices. In a similar survey conducted last year, 33 percent of users stated that they want to switch to the iPhone 12, while there was a 15 percent decrease for the iPhone 13 this year.

Here are the main reasons why users don’t want to switch to iPhone 13 :

  • Fingerprint sensor
  • iOS is not customizable
  • Unable to install apps manually
  • It is not possible to work with multiple profiles
  • Too much exposure in iCloud and surveillance by the brand
  • Best hardware on Android mobiles
  • High price
  • Bad multitasking
  • No possibility to block apps
  • There is no iPhone with a folding screen
  • An older and cheaper iPhone is preferred
  • Google Assistant is preferred over Siri

In short, Android users are not going to buy an iPhone 13 , especially because the fingerprint sensor is very important and Apple eliminated it with the arrival of the iPhone X 4 years ago. It is also alleged that the operating system is very closed, with few configuration and customization options, and that iPhones are expensive.

Especially worrying for Apple should be that a large number of users reject outright the measure that seeks to scan iPhone photos for criminal content, putting customer privacy at risk.