Why do files get cut off when uploading to the cloud

When we use the cloud we can find some problems that prevent the files from being uploaded correctly. This can cause the load to be very slow or even directly hang and we have to start all over again. In this article we explain what the main causes are and how we could solve them so that this does not happen.

Causes of files not being uploaded to the cloud

Why do files get cut off when uploading to the cloud

If we try to upload files to Google Drive, Dropbox or any similar platform and we have problems, it is important that we understand what may be happening. This will help us to take action as soon as possible and get those files to upload correctly and there are no cuts. We must always use secure cloud platforms.

Internet connection problems

The main reason is having a bad internet connection. Upload speed may be very limited, causing problems uploading files to the cloud. This can occur due to the rate that we have contracted, but mainly because the network is not properly configured and that we get a bad signal.

If we are connected wirelessly, the ideal is to make sure that the Wi-Fi arrives correctly. We can always pull repeaters, Mesh or PLC systems that will allow us to connect from dead zones or where the speed is worse.

Cache error in browser

If we use the browser to upload files to Drive, Dropbox or any other platform of this type, it is important that it works well. Sometimes there are problems with the cache, especially when we are uploading or downloading files, and that is what causes it to not work properly.

What we must do is clear the stored cache . It is a very simple procedure and can allow us to upload the files again without cuts, as long as this is the cause. In the case of Google Chrome we must enter the menu at the top right, we go to Settings, Privacy and security, Delete stored data and there we select the period of time and accept.

Borrar la caché de Chrome

Obsolete programs

But what if we are using an application to upload files to the cloud? Maybe there is something wrong with the program. It may be software that is outdated, has a vulnerability, or is even unofficial, leading to bugs.

In this case we must make sure that we have the application correctly updated to the latest version. In addition, it is important to always use official programs, since otherwise we could not only have problems uploading files to the cloud, but security risks may also appear.

The files are too large

On the other hand, another very present reason for cuts when uploading content to the cloud is that the files are too large. This can exceed the limit of the service that we are using or make it difficult for the device to manage it.

We have the option of dividing a file into smaller parts. For this we can use applications like 7-Zip. For example, a 1 GB file can be divided into 10 of 100 MB and thus it will be easier to upload it to the cloud and that no errors appear. This will also give us margin in case we reach the space limit.