Why are there areas of the house without WiFi and what can we do

Having an Internet connection today is essential, even more so if we see the number of devices that we have compatible with wireless networks. Now, the truth is that not in all places we can have access to the network. Even in our home we can find areas where the connection does not reach. But why does this happen? In this article we are going to talk about the main reasons why there are areas of the house where WiFi does not reach .

WiFi does not reach all rooms

Why are there areas of the house without WiFi

Surely on some occasion you have encountered the problem that you try to connect some equipment to the Internet and you see that the coverage does not reach that room. For example a television, a video receiver, a tablet, laptop … Any device that is compatible with WiFi networks.

This can happen for different reasons. One of them, the main one, is the limitation of coverage itself . That is, our router or access point has an area where it will act correctly, where we will be able to connect other devices. If we have the router at one end of the house, it probably won’t reach the other end. Even if we were out in the open there would be a limit.

Now, there are other circumstances that can influence. For example, we can mention the obstacles that there may be: thick walls, metal plates, furniture … All this will influence so that that signal reaches better or worse (or even does not reach) an area of the house.

Another reason is the devices that we have nearby or even electrical appliances. They could also be interfering with the signal and that in a certain area of the house we cannot connect normally.

Evitar problemas en el Wi-Fi

Router failures or limitations, very common cause

But not everything is related to the environment that surrounds us. The problem is not only the distance, possible obstacles or having other devices nearby. We must also take into account the possibility that the router we are using has a fault or has limitations that prevent the signal from reaching well.

For example, it could be that there is a problem with the router’s antenna and it cannot output a signal correctly. The area it could cover would be very limited. It could also happen that there is a problem internally, hardware, in the router or access point and that also causes a malfunction.

Could we reduce those limitations? When we talk about bugs like the ones we have mentioned, there is little we can do. If the antenna is broken or there is a fault in a component, we would have to change the antenna or see how to fix the problem. But if it is about limitations, yes we could reduce them.

We could have repeaters, Mesh systems or PLC devices to help us increase wireless coverage. We can distribute these devices throughout our home and thus ensure that we have a connection in those dead zones where the WiFi does not reach well and we cannot connect other equipment. In another article we already gave some tips to improve wireless coverage.