In the middle of 2021, why are there still people using Windows XP?

Talking about Windows XP is talking about one of the most important operating systems released by Microsoft, which was released in 2001. For no less than 13 years, Windows XP had support and updates. Until then it has been present in both millions of houses and companies. Its success and popularity has been such that, even in the middle of 2021 and with Windows 11 on the verge of its launch, there are still users who are reluctant to stop using it.

Despite the risk of using an operating system that has not received any security updates or patches for more than 7 years, Windows XP continues to have a significant market share. Let’s not forget that we are talking about a nice and easy-to-use operating system. But these days it has fewer and fewer functions and program compatibility, as well as being totally outdated. So what do users see in Windows XP to keep using it today?

why are there still people using Windows XP

Better known good …

This is what users who continue to use Windows XP should think despite the passage of time. There will be many reasons, as many as users who use it. Among the most widespread we can find that there are many users without computer knowledge, they like it and do not want to complicate their lives in changing. Surely they do not use the Internet and only need it for office tasks. And although they know that it can be dangerous, it is still used and lived with it.

Another key reason is that surely there are people who still use extremely old computers for their tasks so they would surely not support another Windows distribution and not to mention getting into a new and swampy terrain such as opting for a Linux distro.

Windows 11 XP

But not only at the level of home users Windows XP is still used, but it is also still used in some companies and even in a large number of scientific teams or as a server. In addition, on the Internet you can find ISO images developed by third parties to keep you up to date with compatible programs and security devices such as ZoneAlarm XP that continues to work and that we can use if we need to connect to the Internet.

All this means that in the middle of 2021, not a few users feel comfortable and happy using their computer with Windows XP, and do not see the need to update to a new software that is unknown to them, if the one they have still works for them comfortable and useful.

The problems of continuing to use Windows XP

Despite the nostalgia and good work of Windows XP for more than a decade, the truth is that the disadvantages of using an obsolete and abandoned operating system are quite a few. In the case of requiring to surf the Internet, we will not be able to enjoy the most current standards such as HTML5 or JavaScript. In addition, we do want to connect via WiFi, since we cannot use even WPA3 keys.

Nor should we forget that the complete source code of Windows XP was leaked a year ago, circulating freely on the net. This means that anyone could analyze it, find out how it works, and break its security system. If it is true that it is difficult to think that this can happen, but the risk is still there.