Why Apple TV is a Must-Buy for 2023: Hardware, Software, and Features

Apple TV, a product that once seemed on the brink of obscurity, has been gaining prominence and becoming increasingly indispensable for Apple users. This article delves into the reasons behind Apple TV‘s resurgence, highlighting its hardware, software, and playback quality, as well as the advantages of the latest tvOS 17.

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Quality in Three Dimensions: Hardware, Software, and Playback:

Apple TV offers quality in three critical dimensions that set it apart from the competition:

Hardware Excellence

Apple TV boasts powerful hardware, unparalleled by most competitors. This hardware prowess ensures an exceptional viewing experience with high-quality images when consuming content. Users can expect superb image quality that surpasses most other devices on the market.

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Top-Notch Software

Apple TV’s software, tvOS, has been progressively improving, introducing new features and functionalities. Notably, users now have access to apps such as X and Lightroom on the Apple TV, enhancing its versatility. The fluidity of tvOS is exceptional, with minimal errors or app crashes, providing a seamless experience.

Impressive Playback Quality

Apple TV stands out for delivering content with superior audio and video quality, whether streaming or watching live content. The device provides an immersive and cinematic viewing experience, further enhanced by high-quality audio. Its minimalist, sleek design effortlessly fits into any living space.

tvOS 17 Expands Capabilities

tvOS 17 is a game-changer for Apple TV users, elevating its functionality. Notable features include the ability to make FaceTime calls directly from your TV, using the TV as a camera to connect with others. This innovative addition has redefined how we communicate using Apple TV. Moreover, tvOS 17 introduces home automation features, including the ability to view security cameras on your TV. Users can also enjoy picture-in-picture functionality, allowing them to watch content while navigating the tvOS interface.

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Siri Remote

The Siri Remote is a standout feature of Apple TV, offering voice command functionality that enhances the user experience. While it may not rival the performance of the device’s hardware, it works effectively in most actions. Its long-lasting battery means users only need to recharge it once or twice a year, offering convenience and reliability. Siri Remote even allows you to specify when a series or movie should play, helping you find your way in your entertainment.



Apple TV has evolved into an essential accessory for Apple users, offering quality hardware, advanced software, and impressive playback capabilities. With the recent advancements in tvOS 17 and the convenience of the Siri Remote, Apple TV remains a top choice for those looking for an exceptional viewing experience in 2023.