Why am I not receiving notifications from Bizum?

If someone has sent you money through Bizum and you have not received the notification, and you have verified that they have really sent the money to you, that there has been no error with the transaction and that the money was actually taken from the other person, it is because these may be failing.

What’s more, you enter your account and see that you actually have the money, that it is not a mistake of the other person. There are several reasons why you may not be receiving these notifications. If you want to know what they are, keep reading.

Why am I not receiving notifications from Bizum

Reasons why the notification might not reach you

The reasons why you cannot find the notice that a Bizum has arrived can be several, so we will tell you about them.

notificacion bizum

Active battery saver or limited background apps

This may happen to you because you have battery saving activated , since this is often the one that prevents notifications from arriving because in a certain way it limits the activity of applications in the background. You may even have enabled battery saver on certain apps. This can be done from your mobile, in the settings, probably in a section called Battery and performance, Battery or similar depending on your phone. Check that you do not have battery saving, extreme saving or even activated in your bank’s app.

You may also have limited background apps for better performance. There may be a function in the battery options called Background usage limit.

You do not have bank app notifications activated

One of the problems that can occur is that the application of your bank does not have notifications configured , so you will not receive this or any other. For this reason, look for the notifications section in the app settings and configure them. Especially if you see any related to Bizum or transfers.

In CaixaBank you can find it in Settings, in Notifications and alerts, in BBVA in Settings in Notices and Alerts, in ING in Menu in Notifications, and in all the apps you will find it in a section similar to this one.

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On the other hand, it doesn’t hurt to manage the devices so that the one you’re using receives notifications, especially if you use more than one.

Mobile notifications are not activated

On the other hand, you can go to manage applications, in the settings of your phone and look for the app of your bank, in which you are using Bizum. Move to the section where it says Notifications and check that they are activated and their configuration. Make sure you have all the ones you need.

It also doesn’t hurt to make sure completely in the phone settings, in the Notifications and Control Center section. It may be that a restrictive notification configuration, or that you do not receive those that you really pay attention to, is the cause of this problem.

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bad internet connection

Some notifications received on your mobile do not reach you because they require a connection to receive data, so a bad connection can mean that you do not receive them. If you are in an area with poor coverage , this could be the problem. Check if this happens to you in places with poor connection, when the connection is slow, when you are using data or at times when the Internet tends to fail due to an unstable connection.

Other cases that may occur

Other problems that you may encounter with Bizum notifications is that you do not receive the SMS to confirm a transaction or that you have not solved the lack of notifications after trying all of the above.

Confirmation SMS do not arrive

Bizum is one of the alternatives to NFC to pay with your mobile and send money to other people, but it can also cause problems. If you do not receive the transaction confirmation SMS, go to the Messages application to the Settings section and in General Settings or SPAM Protection. Check if it is activated and if it may be blocking Bizum for some reason. If it has been marked as SPAM, they may not appear. Also check these Settings under Notifications. If you have a previous message from Bizum, go to the settings and see if you have silenced the notifications.


If you have to confirm a transaction by SMS and it is delayed , or wait a bit so as not to ask for another one and that this one is not valid, or after a reasonable time has passed, request that they send you a new one and wait without doing anything else.

If you don’t find the solution

If you cannot find the solution, you can contact Bizum or your bank to find out what is happening or you can try to factory reset your phone . This will fix any serious issues that are causing your phone to have no notifications, as it will leave your device looking like new. In any case, it is important that you make a backup copy before so that you can recover what interests you.