Why a VPN is Not Enough to Securely Telecommute

Remote work has gained significant weight in recent times. The pandemic has brought important changes to society and one of them is social distancing, avoiding crowds and, ultimately, changes such as being able to work from home. However, it is vital to always keep our data safe and that there are no problems. Is a VPN enough to secure telecommute ? Let’s talk about it.

VPN and telework security

As we say, teleworking has become something very important in our days. More and more users have opted for this possibility to continue performing their daily tasks. This also brings changes such as the fact of using VPN services to work safely. But is this enough?

Why a VPN is Not Enough to Securely Telecommute

It is true that a VPN gives us privacy, allows us to connect to remote networks as if we were there, and it can also protect our security in a way. It prevents the connections from going unencrypted and preventing anyone from accessing the information.

However, it should be borne in mind that the fact of using a VPN does not mean that we already telework safely . The first thing to consider is what tool we are using. It is important that we choose a good program, since there are some free or trial ones that could be a real problem for our privacy.

But in addition to that, it is also necessary to know that a VPN is not enough to maintain security . Other factors will be necessary, as we will explain.

Seguridad de las VPN en caso de fuga

VPN alone is not enough to maintain security

We can therefore say that using a VPN is not enough by itself to preserve our security on the network. We are going to need to use other tools and services to be really safe and not fall into trouble.

It is necessary to adequately protect our devices. It may happen that when working from home we are using a personal computer. It is very important that you are properly protected, that you have security tools such as a good antivirus and firewall. In this way we can prevent the entry of malware that compromises us.

Equally important is having the equipment correctly updated . On many occasions vulnerabilities arise that can be exploited by hackers to carry out their attacks. We need to have the latest versions of software available and thus be able to correct any problem that may affect us.

But surely the most important thing is common sense . Neither a VPN, nor an antivirus, nor having the equipment updated will prevent us from clicking on a link that we should not, putting the password in a false form or installing some type of software that is actually a scam. Therefore common sense should be something that is always present when we telework, in order to achieve maximum security.

We leave you a complete article where we talk about some recommendations to telework safely. There we explain some important aspects for our day to day.