Who is America Chavez? First clues for Doctor Strange 2

Who is America Chavez

There is little more than a week left before we can experience the highly anticipated Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness in theaters and fans are eager to see what surprises this new multiverse that has been unleashed will bring us, in addition to confirming all those characters that are rumored to be presented to us by the film. And one of the most mysterious, and one of the few that we know for sure that we will see in the feature film, is the superheroine América Chávez, so today we have set out to investigate her life: who she is and where this new member of the Cinematic Universe of Marvel.

Young on screen and in comics

In the first place, it must be emphasized that we are dealing with a character of very recent creation within the Marvel comics since his first appearances date back to the year 2011 by Joe Casey and Nick Dragotta thanks to the volume Vengeance # 1 , becoming since then in a regular in multiple stories, which gave her the privilege of joining the Avengers and even becoming close friends with characters like Spider-Man or Kate Bishop. As if the above were not enough for her, in recent years she has progressively gained more prominence, coming to have her own comic series since 2016.

But focusing on the character, América Chávez is a girl who lives in a utopian dimension that is beyond the multiverse and always in the presence of the Demiurge, a life-creating entity within the Marvel imaginary. As a consequence of being so close to that creature, America acquires some of the powers of said deity, in such a way that when she grows up her world begins to crack. This process has a dramatic point because all the mothers of our protagonist in their respective dimensions will be forced to sacrifice themselves to seal black holes that threaten to destroy her worlds and throw her into the multiverse.

Miss America is born

Thus, and wanting to show what she is capable of, America runs away from home and begins to travel through time and space helping the innocent, for which she eventually adopts the name of Miss America. But do not think that everything is a simple facade, on the contrary, America Chavez has a good bunch of really amazing superpowers. Thus, she is able to move with super speed, hit with super strength, take whatever is thrown at her with her enhanced stamina, and to top it all off, she has the ability to fly.

America Chavez.

If all of the above is already more than much of what other heroes have come to boast of in recent times, on top of that he has the possibility of opening portals to travel from one universe to another with little effort. This character also marks several milestones within the company, such as being the second person in its entire history to wield the mantle of Miss America and, more importantly, the fact of being the first Latino superhero to openly form part of the LGBT community within the comics of the well-known comic company. The latter reason, by the way, why the new film has been banned in several countries around the world, such as Egypt.

Before his film debut, the character has already made multiple appearances in some of the company’s animated series, as well as in several video games, so he is not completely unknown to the general public. At the UCM, the young actress Xochitl Gómez will bring her to life in the second movie of the sorcerer supreme and she promises to be one of those characters that the public falls in love with and that we want to see in many more projects in the future. Maybe a movie of its own?