Which is better? Spotify or Apple Music plans in 2023

The rise of technology has brought about new dilemmas, one of which has become a classic: choosing between Apple Music or Spotify. Both of these streaming services are immensely popular, and pricing is one of the primary factors in deciding which to use. This post will examine the prices of both services and what each subscription plan offers. It’s not just about the cost alone, but what you get for what you pay.

Similar prices with different conditions


Apple Music and Spotify have different subscription plans based on their distinct business models. Besides the platform’s user experience and music recommendations, the pricing plays a significant role in determining important factors, such as sharing the account.

Sharing an account is possible on both platforms. However, Spotify has an additional requirement of being under the same roof, while Apple Music allows us to share a subscription with up to six people. Spotify also permits up to six people on a shared account, but the housing restriction is a necessary element. Below are the different subscription plans available on Spotify:

  • Individual: 9.99 euros per month. Allows simultaneous playback.
  • Duo: 12.99 euros per month. It allows two simultaneous reproductions, within the same verified address.
  • Family: 15.99 euros per month. It allows up to six simultaneous reproductions, within the same verified address.
  • Student: 4.99 euros per month. Allows simultaneous playback.


To prevent fraudulent use, Spotify’s Duo and Family plans require all members to verify their home address, and the service reviews the connection locations. On the other hand, Spotify offers a feature that Apple does not: a free plan. While this option has some limitations, such as ads, restrictions on certain actions, and the inability to download music, it still provides access to the full music catalog at no cost.

apple music icon

In contrast, Apple has a more inflexible approach towards free usage of its music streaming service. In order to enjoy Apple Music, a subscription is mandatory. Although the company does occasionally offer free trials as a promotional incentive, there is no free plan available for continuous use of the service. However, unlike Spotify, users are not required to share their home address with others with whom they share the account. Therefore, the subscription plans for Apple Music are as follows:

  • Voice: 4.99 euros per month. Focused to be used with Siri or through HomePod. We do not have access to an interface, playlists or to be able to save our music or download it.
  • Student: 5.99 euros per month. Allows a single simultaneous playback.
  • Individual: 10.99 euros per month. Allows a single simultaneous playback.
  • Family: 16.99 euros per month. It allows up to six simultaneous reproductions, without the need to verify connection locations or addresses.

The prices of Apple Music are indeed slightly higher than those of Spotify. However, Apple offers the advantage of being able to share accounts with people who do not live with us, which can significantly reduce the subscription cost. The limitations of one platform are often the strengths of the other, highlighting the differences in their subscription plans and features.