Which Appliances Consume the Most kWh at Home

Look around you, could you tell which appliance you have in the room consumes the most electricity? Surely as a result of the new electricity bill and the rise in the price of electricity you have begun to look at these things. We tell you which are the appliances that consume the most .

According to the Institute for the Diversification and Saving of Energy (IDAE), household appliances represent 61.8% of the electricity consumption of a house . Now that knowing what time it is cheapest to put the washing machine on has become a trend, knowing which appliances consume the most energy can save your wallet.

Taking into account which electrical appliances consume the most light will help you adapt your habits and make more efficient use of them. If you also want to save on your bill, it is important that you have an electricity rate that charges you a fair price for electricity.

Which Appliances Consume the Most kWh at Home

What are the appliances that consume the most?

We are not going to keep you waiting to find out which is the appliance that consumes the most energy . In all the rankings of all the specialized sources there is a clear winner: the refrigerator . In fact, according to data from the Spanish Electricity Network, the refrigerator represents 14% of the total electricity consumption of a house.

You must bear in mind that the refrigerator is one of the few appliances that is connected 24 hours a day. This makes it the most energy consuming appliance. Some tips to reduce your spending is to avoid having the door open too long or to maintain a good cleaning .

In addition, it is best to avoid introducing hot food as this requires that the refrigerator work more. Regarding the temperature, it is best to set the refrigerator between 6º and 7ºC and the freezer down to -16ºC.

In the second place of the electrical appliances that consume the most energy is television, with 10% of consumption . The best way to save with this appliance is to avoid its consumption in standby mode . In addition, LED televisions have a lower consumption than LCD and plasma screens.

Returning to the kitchen, we find that the stove and oven consume 7% of the light in a home. In addition, if you use a ceramic hob, the figure can skyrocket to 15% of the consumption of household appliances.

In this case, it is best to take advantage of the residual heat left in the oven or pan when cooking. That way, you can turn them off earlier and save a few minutes of consumption.

With the rise of teleworking, the computer has become almost an appendage of many people . You may even be reading this article from your computer. In this list of home appliances that consume more energy, the computer represents 7.4% .

For its part, the washing machine consumes 3% of the light in a house . To reduce your cost, in addition to putting it on the cheapest hours, you can use short programs and wash cold whenever possible.

If we ask you which are the devices that consume the least, you may think of the small ones such as the blender, the coffee maker or the toaster. However, if we add all the small appliances, the sum amounts to 27% of household consumption .

How much does the air conditioning consume?

Now that we are in summer, you may live glued to the air conditioning. You have to be very careful because air conditioning can become one of the appliances that consume the most light during the summer.

Air conditioning is estimated to represent 2.3% of domestic consumption . Although it may not seem like much, with the new time zones you have to be especially careful. Having it on all day can give you a freak out when the bill comes in. Therefore, it is important to know how to choose air conditioning.

In addition, it is important to locate the air conditioner where it is not directly exposed to the sun to prevent the unit from heating up. To reduce consumption, the ideal is to keep the temperature between 24ºC and 26ºC.

In winter, air conditioning also accounts for an important part of your home’s light consumption. Heating consumes 11% of the energy of a home .

When it comes to maintaining the temperature of your home, the best thing to prevent the bill from skyrocketing is to invest in good insulation. As well as avoiding abusive use of heating or air conditioning or using low-consumption appliances.

The importance of efficient appliances

If we talk about which electrical appliances consume the most light, it is essential to highlight the importance of energy efficiency. And it is that investing in efficient appliances can help you considerably reduce electricity consumption .

If your appliances are old, we recommend that you renew them with appliances that have an energy efficiency label A. Remember that this label evaluates the energy efficiency of appliances, establishing a scale from A to G.

Having efficient appliances will save your electricity bill. In addition, it will reduce the impact of your consumption on the environment since they make a more sustainable use of energy and produce fewer CO2 emissions.

Do you already know which household appliances consume the most? If you take into account this list and the advice we have given you, you will be closer to becoming an efficient consumer . In addition, you can save even more if you switch to Gana Energía and take advantage of our cheap and 100% renewable electricity rates. Leave us your information so that we can tell you more!